Guest Bloggers are on their way

In addition to the loss of a functional keyboard we’ve also been dealing with some incredibly tight finances as Keith has been experiencing one difficulty after another: co-drivers quitting (he’s on his second replacement since February – and this guy is making noises about quitting too), vehicular breakdowns, and bad weather shutting down various Interstates, and technology glitches of his own (load paperwork submitted didn’t get transmitted – no paperwork, no pay) . So far for April, his net pay has been less than $100.00.

So, that’s been a bit distracting.

LaLa and her Spirit Love have been frequent visitors – housemates, actually. Lots of good things, especially since Luna adores them both. But it’s a tiny space and they’re young people with a lot if passionate determination to be heard. So, yeah, distraction there as well.

Little miss Luna has also gotten more attention seeking since daddy went back out on the road. Which means a lot more demanding of my physical, emotional and mental presence.

Now, I’m sick. Luna is too. I thought (hoped, prayed, begged the universal powers that be) it was allergies. However, that was also something LaLa shared with us over the past couple of weeks. Now, the stuffy head, bleary eyes, dripping nose, scratchy throat, achiness, and fatigue are disrupting concentration.

[Cue The Beatles – A Little Help From My Friends]

A year ago or even six months ago, I would have just not posted and let all sorts of negativity build ups as I stewed in my own juices. Now, due to a lot of factors, which may appear in a future post, I have people who can help me out.

I’ve mentioned a couple if times now that I’m part of the Dream Stoker Nation.


As a result, I’ve met some really great people with big hearts, dreams, and talent. I’m learning that:


Success is easier achieved with help. There’s no rule that says you have to do it by yourself ~ Robert Kennedy III

Robert is a fellow Dream Stoker. He’s one who has volunteered to write a post. I’m really looking forward to what he has to say.

Uh oh. I just remembered that I forgot to call him to discuss his post. Ugh, stupid brain fog. I’ll send him a private message.


I’ve also been learning this lesson over the last few months:

If God can resurrect a soul and restore a life in eternity, certainly it is nothing to re-implant a vision or creative idea. ~ Gary S Walter

Gary is another Dream Stoker whose faithful pursuit if his dreams is coming to fruition. He’ll be sharing from his blog. He has a way of making spiritual truths applicable and accessible – even if you don’t necessarily ascribe to Christianity or organized religion, what he writes and the way he writes is very relatable and relevant without being at all preachy or holier than thou. I like his work and you might too.


Keith Addison is an “old” blogging pal from my first Ultimate Blog Challenge I participated in July 2012. He is also part of the Dream Stoker Nation and will be contributing a couple of different posts. The first has to do with an issue near and dear to his heart and his life: raising awareness and support for families with children experiencing undiagnosed genetic disorders.

Several others have also stepped forward and you will meet them too, all in good time.

Now, I’m going to go message Robert, take some meds, drink some fluids and get some rest.