Letter of Protest to Early Head Start

To Whom It Concerns:

This letter is in response to the news that all three teachers in my daughter’s Early Head Start (EHS) class were fired at the same time, without notice of any kind provided to the parents, either prior to the decision being made or afterward.  The fact that this occurred with only three weeks remaining in the program year and the children in that classroom being prepared to transition out of the EHS program, has created an atmosphere of stress, anxiety, and lack of confidence in the children, parents, and quite possibly the remaining staff

Mission Statement

To comprehensively serve children and families providing child growth and development services and education to strengthen and enhance the abilities of children and their families to successfully function in our national and international environment.

We continually focus on developing highly trained, caring, . . . staff.

In the two years that my daughter has been enrolled in the program her primary teacher has been J.C..  Over that period of time I, and many other parents, have developed a rapport with J.C., which has been facilitated by her willingness to communicate and discuss the issues and needs of the children in her care.  I recently approached J.C. regarding some behavioral concerns regarding my child.  At that point she shared that she was beginning to have the same concerns.  As a result of that conversation, I initiated sessions with the school psychologist assigned to the classroom and she has done some classroom observations and has placed my daughter on a Behavioral Support Plan, to help her successfully and effectively interact with the teachers and other students in the classroom in constructive ways.  That same conversation resulted in a referral for an assessment by the PPS Early Intervention Program, which will not be possible until September, after the new program year begins and my daughter is no longer in the classroom.

J.C. has consistently demonstrated that she is knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to the children in her care.  She has also been seeking continuing education in the Human Development field, which enhances her skills and knowledge when working with our children.

There was already a previous disruption in the caregivers assigned to the classroom a few months ago when, again without warning, one of the assistant teachers was moved into another classroom in the building directly across the hall, where the children who had grown accustomed to her would no longer have access to her and a new person with a completely different care giving style was placed into the classroom without introduction or allowing the children an opportunity to transition.

While I understand there may be “business and budgetary” issues and concerns that may necessitate changes in staffing, it does not meet the Mission Statement of serving the children and their families to completely rearrange their care giving staff in such a summarily disruptive manner.  As far as I am concerned, the only acceptable reason to have done so, would have been if, and only if, there had been actions and behavior of the staff in question that endangered the children in their care.  In which case, the parents would of legal and moral necessity have to have been notified of the inciting incident.

As a result of this ill conceived decision on the part of management, my child, as well as other children who have been affected, is experiencing increased separation anxiety when I drop her off at school.  It is also my understanding that some of the disruptive and challenging behaviors that were being effectively addressed with the Behavior Support Plan, are regressing and increasing.

It is my sincere desire and wish that Grayce and the other staff be reinstated to the classroom and if that is not allowed, that they be invited and allowed to attend the Transition Program they were working so hard to help the children prepare for and allow the children an opportunity to say goodbye to care givers they have come to trust and love.

Best regards,