Notes from my facebook page

In an effort to be less schizophrenic and disorganized inside of my own head, I’m going to try to use this space to archive my writing and notes prior to the time I began this blog.  Each new post that publishes with a date prior to when I started this blog in mid-December 2011, has been copied from an original note I wrote and posted on facebook.

2011 Dec 15 – Acceptance: Progress, not perfection

2011 Dec 06 – Confession, repression, depression

2011 Oct 18 – Growth Opportunity

2011 Sept 27 – Just for today

2011 Sept 27 – The Journey of Acceptance of Self

2011 Sept 17 – Questions for God

2011 Aug 24 – Am I really a treasure that valuable?…

2011 Aug 12 – Families: Origin & Choice

2011 Jul 21 – Progress, not perfection – my perspective …

2011 Jul 10 – Being honest with myself: Chaos, Crisis, Codependency and …

2010 Nov 25 – A picture of sin



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