Six Word Fridays

Six Word Friday: Kind

May kind ribbons encircle each heart

bleeding from conflict, abuse, and terror.

May empathy and compassion set apart

judgment for understanding, regarding every error.

May healing from a sad start

instill Love, Hope, and Faith forever.

(c) 11/20/2015, lem

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Eye: Six Word Friday


Your heart’s swoosh swoosh swoosh beat

Filled the cold sterility with warmth

As I gazed on my daughter

Eyes filled with happy, joyful wonder

The promise of hope and love

Manifest in your perfect, tiny, form

The next generation, loved beyond measure

I pray God’s love and protection

To surround you fully, body and soul

Preserving your innocence, nourishing your strength

May your child’s eyes ever behold

The beauty, complexity, and awesome wonder

This world offers those who see

Living lives open to, in tune,

Connected, immersed, overflowing with Divine love

(C) 2014 KDDL

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Leap: Six Word Friday


Walking in Winter’s gray, gloomy day

I glance up, chancing to see

White, fluffy, soft, and swirling clouds

Shifting and separating, creating an opening

For the clear blue sky, illuminated

By the piercingly bright, shining sun

My heart and soul leap joyously

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Visit Adrienne at My Memory Art for more Six Word Fridays entries

Still: Six Word Friday

In the still of the night
Missing the sweet peace of sleep
Insomnia is a rare, beautiful gift

(c) 2013, KDdL
Photo credit: KDdL; created with iPhone 4S, Heyku, Pic Collage, Instagram

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Question: Six Word Friday


The answer lies in the question.

A problem has its own solution.

Life, The Universe, Everything = 42


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Knock: Six Word Friday




I hear the knocking of a

grief held at bay too long.

A not so distant memory of

the loss of innocence’s youthful song.

Trying to gather the shattered pieces

of a life gone so very wrong.

Much to my surprise I discover

my weakest moments made me strong.

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Escape: Free write and Six Word Friday

Can somebody please tell me how we are more than halfway through this year and how Friday came so darned fast this week? I could swear that Monday was yesterday.

Where is The Doctor when you need him? Oh yeah, he’s preparing to regenerate.

At the very least, I wish my Tardis was a bit larger on the outside, so that I could step inside and ESCAPE.

Which brings me to today’s Six Word Friday entry.


Doctor please help me escape time!

In our three dimensional humanity, we consider the fourth dimension of time to be a linear thing. We quantify it and measure it and use it in our efforts to organize our lives. We create schedules to manage our time only to realize that while we were concerning ourselves with meeting time’s external demands, life got in the way and time got away from us.

We judge ourselves and each other based on punctuality and how productive we are in a set amount of time. We plan our lives and expect others to do so within the context of time. As if there isn’t enough conflict in our lives and this world, we create conflicts of time and often miss out on opportunities because we don’t allow room for flexibility of time and for life to do its thing.

In our frantic, over scheduled, post industrial societies we have forgotten the truth of time – it is an artificial construct, utilized by industrial efficiency experts to elevate material production and the acquisition of material wealth over the well-being of people, relationships and communities.

We have taken the natural rhythms of seasons; the transitioning between night and day and created unnatural expectations for all members of a society to conform to the false system of scarcity and lack instead of the abundance which was, is, and can be. This misappropriation of natural time has created dysfunction, overwhelm, and an energy crisis inside of our minds, spirits, and bodies.

Think about it. How much “stress” is experienced because of the artificial constructs of time in our modern society?

“I don’t have TIME for this!” We sigh, snarl, and growl when our children are naturally doing what it is they do to grow and develop, because we don’t have time to allow them to develop themselves.

We are expected to heal from psychological, emotional wounds in a period of time that insurance companies, corporations, and society at large deems sufficient. We don’t allow freedom of time to relax, renew, and refresh our inner beings. Our children are only allowed to explore and expand their creative selves and the imagination of dreaming until we deem it’s time for them to put childish daydreams away and conform to the constructs of schedule bells and structured, measurable, and productive activity.

Perhaps time isn’t the immutable construct we’ve learned to live within.

I’m not the first to consider this. The mythology of the Greek Titan, Kronos (Cronus, Chronos) is continually revisited, but originally was seen in this way:

“KRONOS (or Cronus) was the Titan god of time and the ages, especially time where regarded as destructive and all-devouring.”

H. G. Wells explored it in The Time Machine. Ray Bradbury’s short story about time travel, A Sound of Thunder, may have inspired the movie, Butterfly Effect. In the 60’s The Time Lord, Doctor Who, made his first appearance on the BBC. Many of us are anxiously anticipating his eleventh regeneration so we can meet the 12th Doctor. During the period between then and now we were introduced to Sam Beckett and joined him on his adventures each week as his consciousness hopped through time and into the bodies and lives of various folks who may have had a ripple effect and negatively affect history, which Sam has to figure out how to repair.

I think it’s about time to go on strike against time as we know it.

Reader Interactive: Would you help me write my book, please?

Dear readers,
As any of you who have been following along may know, I’ve been participating in 28 Days to a New Me accountability groups on Facebook since May, after joining Dream Stoker Nation a month or so earlier. You may also be aware that one of my dreams is to write professionally and help support my family through my writing.

The time has come. Based on some recent conversations – about fears, dreams, and such: I have committed to taking action to make that dream into a reality.

For the AUGUST 2013 28 Days, I will develop a book. It will be based on my writing from this blog and do two things: 1) Tell the story of my journey and progress from the basket case I felt I was, Dec 2011, to the person I am now. 2) some of the significant things I learned, actions I took, and choices I’ve made that helped me grow and change.

I will do this by going back through and reading my blog from the beginning, at least three posts each day, and pulling out the significant event, presenting problem, outcome, and lesson learned.

By the end of August I should have the framework/outline in place for putting the book together.

What this means is that I might not be posting here as much. I am requesting two things from you, the readers of Human in Recovery.

First, for those of you on your own journeys of healing, recovery and growth, learning how to manage and cope with whatever conditions, compulsions, diagnoses, hurts, habits, etc., if you write – blog, journal, or notes on napkins – please consider sharing part of your journey, here, on Human in Recovery. This goes for anyone – artists, photographers, poets, musicians, crafters, scrapbookers, jewelry makers, walkers, runners, swimmers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. I believe that sharing our experiences helps us realize our strengths and gives hope to others, as well as to ourselves. As I have been growing along this journey, I have realized the healing power of being in community. Many of you have participated in helping me feel like an accepted part of your online community . While I move forward into new things, I envision this space becoming more of a community hub and not solely about me, my thoughts and my journey. So, I am asking you to join me in this progression and add your voice to mine. If that scares you to think about, that’s okay. I’m scared too. But, action in the face of fear is called courage. So, step into and grow your courage. Let’s do this, together. Leave a comment or go to the Connect to Kina page and we’ll create something amazing together.

The second thing I’m asking your help with is to let me know if there were particular posts that were relevant and helpful to you. I want to find out what it was that you connected with and how it may have influenced your journey. For those who have joined us a little more recently, I’m interested in the same information from you. Having this feedback will help the book to be. The intention of the book isn’t just to tell my story and hopefully earn a little money to help support my family, it is also to share my experience, hope, and strength with others who struggle as I have, who haven’t yet connected and been able to apply the lessons and information about healing, growing, and changing their lives to be more than they believe it can be.

Certainly, I haven’t become an expert example and I still have much to learn and grow in, but I never thought I would reach this place of self-acceptance, reconciliation between myself, my past, and key people along the way. That is what I want to help guide others who are stuck in similar ways to know and see that they CAN move out if that place, no matter how long they’ve been stuck.

I thank you all for following along on my journey. I am grateful for those of you who have offered encouragement, insight, and perspective along the way, you’ve helped me become who I am now. You are amazing souls!



My how time flies: Princess Tomboy revisited

A little over a year ago was the beginning of a transition in how I see myself as a mom, a writer, and a creative person. Prior to that point I had been seriously struggling with the darker aspects of myself and my life. Starting this blog came out of that place.

I only really believed in the negative things about me and my life up to that point. I didn’t like much about myself, and it showed through in a lot of areas, especially in how desperately detached I was as a mom.

I loved all my kids with all my heart that wasn’t consumed with guilt, shame, and self-blame. I knew how that had impacted my relationships with my two adult children, Marco and LaLa. I was terrified of losing Luna’s childhood the way I’d lost theirs and was determined to do better by her.

As my healing progressed due to the blogging and other things I was doing, I began doing more things with her and taking her out to the local parks. I also began connecting to and reading what other bloggers were doing and writing about. I discovered Six Word Fridays – a weekly, single word prompt where writing is done six words at a time.

I had completed my first blog challenge of 31 posts in 31 days. During that process I encountered a lot of different blogs on a variety of subjects, many of which were folks blogging as part of building online businesses. I saw a lot of styles, formats, and elements and learned how to do more visually creative things and incorporating them here.

Practicing being present, mindfulness, and to treasure moments in time coincided with these new things I was learning in the technical realm.

One beautiful and warm Summer day, I took Luna to the park and took a lot of pictures of her playing to send to her daddy. The Six Word Friday prompt that week was, “fun.” I wrote “Princess Tomboy: Six Word Friday – August Fun” and posted a few pictures.

Princess Tomboy
Climbs up
Slides down

Yesterday was a marathon cleaning day in preparation for Keith coming home last night. He’s only home until about 3am Tuesday morning and I wanted to have things clean for him. However, little Luna got restless and needed a break from the apartment, so, despite the multitude of work needing to be done, we went to the park.

I remembered Princess Tomboy from last year and while I watched her play I took a few shots, opened up my Heyku, Mixel, and Pic Collage apps and revisited Princess Tomboy.


I was happy that I had remembered how she’d looked last year and that I had given her the aptly descriptive title of Princess Tomboy. I realized that I was now doing something in a brief time which had taken much time and concentrated effort to do a year ago.

It’s sometimes hard for me to look at the circumstances in my life and go through things that are just as difficult and stressful as any I’ve experienced in the past and not think negatively about myself.

However, in this one brief and sunny afternoon, I was able to recognize that I have grown and changes have been made. Just as Luna has grown and changed this year, I have too.

I am a good mom. I am a good writer. I am a creative person. I like who I’m becoming. I realize there are things that may not change or maybe only change just a little bit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not growing.


Goodness: Six Word Friday


Your goodness and mercy follow me
In my triumph and in sorrow
When pain and grief so intense
Threaten to overwhelm hopes and dreams
I am reminded, comforted and reassured
This will pass and new mercies
Come each day my eyes open
Like cool balm in scorching heat
Remembering Your Love soothes my heart
You are good, all the time
You are good, I am loved

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