Lettrs Weekly Challenge 1

Use the following words in a poem or story:

  • Wild
  • Mesmerizing
  • Green

Looking at the head of wild hair lying next to her, her thoughts wandered back to the night before…

“Come ON! It’s time for you to stop hiding from life and start living it!”

Looking at her sister, she realized she’d already lost the battle. She sighed as Laurie, grabbed her shoulders, turning her towards the bedroom.

Soon, after trying on every dress, skirt combo, and anything else even remotely flattering, she was despairing of ever finding anything. The bachelorette party of their cousin…twice removed…was being held at the pretentious, yet wildly popular dance club, Bon Endroit.

“I’m not going. I literally have nothing to wear and I have no intention of rushing around, then spending an arm and a leg on something I’ll only wear once.”

“Which is exactly why I took the liberty of bringing this,”

Her sister turned and pulled a garment bag from under the coat she’d had slung over her shoulder upon arrival.

She zipped open the bag, revealing a sexy, shimmery sheath of ombré green.

“Nope. Uh uh. Absolutely not!”

Marcia knew all eyes would be on her, with her shining head of red hair, wearing the dress she had immediately fallen in love with. She hated being the center of attention. It skyrocketed her Social Anxiety through the roof.

Knowing where Marcia’s reluctance came from, Laurie soothed her, saying, “Hon, I understand, but, you really do need to get out of the house and you deserve to wear something as beautiful as you are. Consider this my early birthday gift to you. I promise, if we get there and you aren’t enjoying yourself within the first ten minutes, I’ll bring you home.”

“Okay, okay. But, I’ll only promise five minutes.”

Clapping her hands in excitement, Laurie took the win.

20 minutes later, Marcia flowed from her bedroom, like a butterfly emerging its cocoon.

“You look FABULOUS!”

“I feel ridiculous.”

“Never mind that. Let’s go.”

Showing their invitations, which doubled as event tickets, the doorman cum bouncer let them in.

Eyes widening in panic at the throbbing, unfamiliar music and crowded dance floor, Marcia turned to flee, only to have Laurie grasp her hand. Leaning in, Laurie whispered, “five minutes.”

Bracing herself, Marcia turned to enter the fray and saw the glittering balloons announcing their group’s location. It took the entire five minutes to wind their way to the table. Sighing in resignation and unwilling to reverse the process immediately, she ordered a White Russian. If she was going to be here, she needed fortification.

Before sitting down, she scanned the warehouse sized room, noting the locations of the exits.

As she gazed over the throng of gyrating bodies, she suddenly stopped, locking eyes with the most mesmerizing pair of golden hazel she’d ever seen. She gasped, softly. She’d never even considered that she would connect with anyone at first contact.

As she contemplated his unruly, wavy hair, 5’8” lean frame, and casually sophisticated style, he advanced in her direction, intense interest emanating with every step.

Laurie caught sight of the wordless exchange between her sister and the former client of the accounting firm she worked at. His business had grown and its accounting needs had expanded beyond her firm’s capacity.

When he’d come in to express his gratitude for their many years of excellent service, he’d made it a point to make sure to stop in at Laurie’s office. After all, she hand handled his finances from his time as a self-employed music manager and club promoter all the way through his acquisition of and social success of Bon Endroit.

During their conversation, she made it a point to let him know about the bachelorette party, hoping he would swing by and make sure they were being well taken care of. He was that kind of guy and she’d suspected that sparks would fly once Charlie met Marcia.

And fly they did.

“Hello, I’m Charlie…might I know your name?”

The anxiety rose to the surface, tying her tongue and trying to get her to immediately flee the situation.

Laurie saw her plan crashing and burning, so she stepped in.

“Charles, this is my sister, Marcia. Marcia, Charles used to be a client of mine. He’s since moved on to bigger and better things,” she said a knowing sparkle in her eye, aware that Charles doesn’t use his club ownership to influence people and kept his role on the DL.

“N-n-n-nice to meet you.”

“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine. Could I get you to take pity on this bachelor and dance with me.”

“I-I-I don’t…”

“Of course she’ll dance with you, Charles,” Laurie declared, relieving Marcia of her drink and nudged her toward Charles and the dance floor.

It was so crowded, they could barely move. The music was blasting so loud that conversation was impossible. He reached for her hand and led her back to the table. He turned, giving her a mischievously pleading look.

“I would really like to spend a little time getting to know you. I know somewhere we can get a great cup of coffee or some soothing tea. Would you care to join me?”

“Uhmmm,” she hesitated.

“Full disclosure, my condo is across the street and I have a magnificent espresso maker. So, I am inviting you to my place, just for coffee and conversation.”

She glanced at Laurie who stated, “He’s one of the good ones. You can trust him.”

Considering the five minutes had expired half an hour prior, Marcia was ready to go and it was obvious Laurie was just getting started.

“Ok, just for a little while,” she acquiesced.

She grabbed her purse and he helped her on with her coat.

As they crossed the street, the skies opened up and rain came pouring down, soaking them from head to toe. It it’s Portland, after all.

So, once they made it into his condo, their feet were soaked, they were both dripping puddles on the floor and Marcia started shivering.

“Here, the bathroom is off to your left. First door on the right. Go and get out of those wet clothes. I’ll bring you a couple of towels and one of my robes. I’ll leave them on that table,”

She went into the bathroom and he was as good as his word. She dried off with one luxuriously fluffy towel and used the other on her hair, which had collapsed from the weight of the rain. The robe swallowed her whole, since it was made for his size and not hers. But, it was warm, dry, and covered everything she wanted covered. Grateful she hadn’t let Laurie talk her into wearing makeup, she checked the mirror once more before she collected herself enough to stop hiding.

The dining area was directly across from where they had entered and he was sitting at the table with two cups of steaming liquid in front of him.

“I hate to be a pest, but, do you have a hangar I can use for my dress?”

“Oh, just let me throw it in the dryer,” he offered, clueless regarding how to care for delicate fabrics. He just took his clothing to the dry cleaners.

“Oh, no,” she exclaimed,”it can’t go in the dryer. I just need a hanger and I’ll let it air dry.”

“Ok. Sure thing. I didn’t know if you’d like coffee or tea. But, it’s pretty late, so, I opted for tea.”


Once she’d taken care of her dress, they moved to the living room, which was furnished with a beautiful sectional that fit the room perfectly, but not her idea of what a well off bachelor would have.

“Please, make yourself comfortable.”

She stretched out on the elongated end with the chaise section. He sat next to her, in his t-shirt and sweats. They talked well into the night until they both fell asleep on the couch, their heads next to one another.


Here I go again…I’m doing it different this time

Start Gung Ho
Fabulous success
Overdo it
Lose momentum
Forget your “why”
Stop moving
Start binge eating
Striking regress
Health issue rises…
Rinse and repeat

Anyone familiar with this cycle for weight loss/improving health style?


I thought so.

Back on September 12th I was diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome…like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, just in the ankle. I’d been dealing with pretty excruciating nerve pain in my foot.

So, I joined Weight Watchers, committed to 90 meetings in 90 days (today is Day 55, meeting 57), changed my eating, and started walking.

I’m not exactly sure when I started walking, but, I haven’t missed a day since then. I worked my way up from just under a mile at a time to over two miles at a time.

Throughout that time, the nerve pain never went away, but it diminished and walking got much easier…until day before yesterday. I logged a cumulative six miles in one day. I pushed again yesterday and logged 2.6 miles.

The pain came back with a vengeance…and I’m feeling frustrated by my self-sabotage and discouraged by my continued overeating.

In the past, this would have been the point at which I gave up. Not this time.

Why? What’s different now?


This time I have the WW community. Yesterday, I walked in the door of the studio and I was greeted by name by one of the “Wellness Guides” (formerly, receptionist). One of the Guides is also a coach in other workshops (meetings) I’ve attended. She always asks what number I’m on and tells me what an inspiration I am. She “brags” to other members about what I’m doing as a way to motivate and encourage them. The Coach for that meeting is very focused on the members giving ourselves credit and props for showing up and engaging.

There’s also the online community who has been following along on Instagram and FB, where I share more of the day to day details of this journey I’m on. Plus, my fellow bloggers who are also encouraging me.

There’s my faith community where we go broader and deeper into all our lives and journeys. Several of them are also following my journey on FB & IG.

These three communities are encouraging and supporting me. I’m holding myself accountable to them. And, if I’m being honest, the praise and approval is motivating me, as well. Is that shallow and less “evolved” than one should be at 49? Probably. But, it is what it is…another thing for me and my therapist to discuss.

Another thing that’s different is that I’m one of my “whys.” I finally feel like I deserve to take the time I need and give myself the attention and consideration I should to make taking care of me one of my priorities.

Walking is part of my daily self-care routine. It helps my mental health. However, I don’t have to walk six miles in a day. I need activity every day, but one mile, approximately 20 minutes is sufficient. When I walk, I need to walk enough to raise my heart rate but, I don’t have to push myself like I’m in a race. I need to reframe why I’m walking. It’s helping me lose weight, but, it’s purpose is to improve and maintain mental and physical health through daily activity.

I need to remember that the ultimate goal isn’t the weight loss. It’s mental and physical health and wellness so I can sustain and maintain consistent functionality in taking care of my responsibilities, my relationships, and become self-sufficient.

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Happiness is as Happiness does: Musings from a Bipolar Brain

Happy is a feeling and feelings are fleeting. Happiness is a state of being and takes work.

The experience of Happiness is more challenging for some more than others and may seem impossible to achieve.

That’s because Happiness isn’t a goal or destination, but a byproduct, a side effect of the combination of our genetics, circumstances, beliefs, attitudes, and actions.

For many of us coming from lives filled with trauma and/or mental illness it will look different than it does for neurotypical people. We have to work through the trauma and confront ourselves to heal and grow. These are our prerequisites to Happiness.

There is no set formula for experiencing it. However, common and necessary elements include self-care (nutrition, activity, personal hygiene, etc.), engagement in healthy community, gratitude, service, and passionate purpose.

Pain, loss, grief, and other feelings and experiences, often considered “negative,” may suppress Happiness and cause us to lose it. But, what is lost can be found again. The negative doesn’t necessarily negate the ability to experience Happiness.

Of course, I could be way off and this is hypomania talking…but, I don’t think so.

What say you?

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My WW Story

WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers. “Wellness that works.” What finally drove me to sign up for a weight loss program after decades of self-sufficient obesity?


Not just any pain. A very particular kind of nerve pain. Specifically in my left foot. More accurately, the top of my foot…with periodic zaps of electricity pricking the sole of my foot from the inside out,

The top of my foot is so hypersensitized right now that the hem of my pant leg feels like a jagged, splintered shard of glass scraping across it.

Fun stuff.

According to the doctor it’s a rare condition called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Like Carpal Tunnel, but, in the foot.

Yay me! I have a knack for the unusual when it comes to pain and injury. A few years ago, I fell and gave myself a spiral sprain. That’s usually something athletes get, not the general population. But, that’s another story for another time.

The doctor laid out my options:

Gabapentin – an anticonvulsant sometimes used to treat a wide array of mood disorders with some extreme (but rare) side effects like agitation, increased libido, and mania…Sounds like it could trigger a manic episode and I’m already taking four different psych meds to manage the bipolar, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. No. Thank. You.

Surgery – I’m a single mom, struggling to parent my High Functioning Autistic child who also experiences ADHD. I also live upstairs. I can’t afford an extended recovery period from surgical intervention.

Weight Loss – the universal answer to whatever ails you if you carry excess fat on your body, Don’t EVEN get me started! However, it was the most viable of my three options.

Initially, I doubted I could effectively transition from a life so sedentary that my spirit animal could be mistaken as a sloth. After all, WALKING HURT! So, I decided nutrition was the key.

I have lost weight before, using activity and nutrition. As a matter of fact, I lost 20 lbs at the beginning of this year with walking and changing to a healthier diet. Then, I transitioned from my manic state to a bad depressive state, stopped moving, and switched to a fast food diet. The 20 came back and brought a few friends. Five to be exact.

So, here I was – a 49 year old, medically obese woman of 265 lbs with hypothyroidism, Type II Diabetes, high cholesterol, Bipolar II Disorder, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and, now, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

I also have the child I’m parenting, a 25 year old daughter, who is also parenting three littles, who (whom?) has me as her primary emotional support person and occasional baby sitter, and a son turning 32 in three days.

I have a lot of healing to do and a lot to live for. Also, I’m finally reaching the point in life where I believe I’m worth taking care of, too.

I needed help.

So, I searched Weight Watchers. They still had their Labor Day Special going on. It was barely something I could financially afford.

I’m destitute. Between my youngest daughter’s issues and mine, I am not currently able to sustain employment. Her dad pays for electricity, internet, this miniature hand-held computer I use to blog aka cell phone, and pays for all she needs. I live in public housing, survive on $352/mo of SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps), and a $72/mo stipend.

I committed close to half my stipend to the first six months of my Weight Watchers lifestyle.

Since I also experience a hitherto undiagnosed Binge Eating Disorder, I decided to approach this like a recovery program and committed myself to attend 90 meetings in 90 days.

Today, November 6, 2018 is my 53rd day and I will be attending my 55th meeting.

If you’re curious about or interested in how this part of my journey has gone, you can find it on my Instagram, humaninrecovery. Start here.

Addendum: I’ve lost about 20 lbs and I have walked daily for the past several weeks and can now walk two miles at a time…sometimes in under 20 min/mile. Yes, the nerve pain is still there.

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C’mon Get Happy

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This week’s WW topic is “Happiness.”

Today was the first of seven of these workshops I’ll be attending this week on my “90 meetings in 90 Days” journey. (I owe you a post to explain that. Tomorrow. Maybe.) Today’s discussion was interesting. I’m looking forward to see how it gets addressed in the other workshops.

The weekly handout suggested that being happy makes the healthy activities we do in our lives more possible and increases the experience of those things. It also acknowledged that partaking of those activities increases happiness.

The workshop’s Coach listed a formula that determines one’s happiness level:

50% Genetics
+10% Life Circumstances
+40% Attitude, Thoughts, & Actions

My immediate reaction was to scoff at the Life Circumstances percentage. I mean, although it hasn’t been as painful and difficult as other people’s, it’s been generously peppered with a lot of trauma. Consequently, I have PTSD. Plus, I experience Depression, Bipolar 2 Disorder, fibromyalgia, and am parenting a child with regularly tells me things like she wishes I would kill myself or that I had been born dead.

Yeah. Happiness is HARD. That’s a LOT of genetics and life circumstances.

I spend a lot of time fighting tears, dealing with bureaucracy, and managing conflict. I’m skeptical that Happiness is a state of being that’s more than occasionally possible for me.

I think Acceptance and Contentedness are much more doable. I think there can be moments of happiness. I think we have to be emotionally and mentally healthy and functional to be able to experience even those moments of happiness. I simply don’t believe that Happiness is achievable as a permanent state.

All that being said, I have my own formula:

Psych meds
+A supportive community
+Choosing to be in positive environments

The ability to experience happiness.

What say you?

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The journey of self-care

“For to see the end from the beginning is a sign that it’s already finished. It’s just a matter of walking it out to completion.“
Dorothy E. Young

I read this on another Tiny Pepper’s NanoPoblano 2018 blog the other day.

It struck me with its profundity. It seemed quite biblical.

  • I can’t see the end of this journey I’m on. I see the transformation pictures of other women who started out my weight and judgy, cynical, self-defeating thoughts start popping in my brain like popcorn. Thoughts like:
    • How skinny is skinny enough?!?
      I could never get THAT small.
      That’s just too thin.

    The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what their size is and it’s not mandated that I get that small and have my body look like theirs. Their journey is different than mine. Their whys are probably different than mine. They are different from me. We are all unique and special in our own way. So are our journeys.

    We do have something in common, though, other than our need/desire to lose weight.

    Learning how to care for ourselves well is key to making it through to the end of this stage of our life’s journey AND not having to go through this stage again.

    Ultimately, many self-care habits and routines are going to vary as much as those of us on this journey do. However, the basics are all the same:

    • Nutrition
    • Activity
    • Rest
    • Relaxation
    • Passionate purpose

    There are some internal prerequisites to achieve those basics. The first of which is deciding that you have value, that your life matters, and your needs are as important as anyone else’s needs.

    That belief in one’s own value leads to the second prerequisite: boundaries. What are those?

    • The ability to say, “No,” to unreasonable demands and requests, is a key boundary.
    • The ability to decide how to deal with and whether to take the criticisms, snide & snarky remarks, manipulation, and verbal abusiveness, all of which are so prevalent in our lives.
    • The ability to stand up for one’s self and assert the right to exist, breathe, and occupy the space you’re in, unapologetically.

    These are the foundation of this journey of healing, recovery, and growth we’re all on. Once those things are in place, as much is possible, then, self-care is possible. Once caring for and about oneself is primary, then, belief in our own abilities comes next and we become unstoppable…even if we can’t see the end from the beginning, at first.

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    My whys

    I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) mid-September this year. I have a laundry list (Why “laundry”? Wouldn’t “shopping” make more sense? I think so, too). Correction, shopping list of whys. Not the least of which is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, a rare disorder of the ankle, similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Here’s the complete list:
    Family – I have two adult children (32 & 25), three grandchildren (4,3, & 1), and a nearly 10 year old on the higher functioning end of the autism spectrum and who experiences ADHD.

    Physical Health – Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, High Cholesterol, and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

    Mental Health – Bipolar 2 Disorder, PTSD, Depression, Binge Eating Disorder.

    Because I’m worthy of self-love and self-care.

    I’ve spent nearly five years of hard work to reach this point. I had been a toxic person in a toxic relationship. I had severely broken relationships with my two adult children. I was so overwhelmed and depressed I was barely functional. I was so consumed with self-loathing that I hid from the world, making myself sicker and sicker, consuming all the food and media I could numb out on.

    Now, I’m working on staying centered in the here and now, continuing to heal, grow, and build relationships with my children, engaging with the world and people around me, and learning how to treat myself with the care, compassion, and love I have and want to have for each person I encounter.

    It’s past time for me to become the best version of myself.

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