Mama Dear

Sundays are always my busiest day of the week, so, I’m just now getting to today’s post and it’s 8:08 pm.

Yesterday, I had my Peer-to-Peer class then went to a friend’s barbecue. She and her wife have been strongly encouraging to stop dragging my feet about putting a book together. So, I asked the wife if she would help me “curate” from my previously written content. She told me to pick 10 of my favorite things.

That’s a difficult task. I don’t really have favorite things. I have things I’ve written that, if I go back and read, I don’t like. But I don’t have favorites. I don’t remember the details of most of what I write.

I decided to start by just gathering some poems. I found one I had completely forgotten about. The note said it was a draft and it looked like there was going to be at least one more stanza. But, I had no idea what it was going to be. When I read through it, it seemed pretty complete to me.

Let me know what you think:

Mama dear
This shed tear
Transformed from fear
Is making me clear

Mama love
My mourning dove
Absent gift from above
My life devoid of

Mama me
Never been free
Always tried to flee
Broken memory

Mama dear
You are my peer
Your spirit near
This time of year

Mama knows
How to bear woes
Keeping faith close
As the heart slows

Mama’s pains
This daughter gains
Release from the chains
My hope remains
©️ 2018 lem



  1. I like your poem. The rhyme the rhythm and the progression of emotion.
    Your pseudonym: Kina Diaz DeLeon gets transformed in my dyslexic mind to kinda a lion.
    So write like a lioness, and continue to Blog on until the book is done. Then the harder part will begin, the marketing of the book.

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  2. Don’t you know that Sunday is the day of rest? Slow down. Put your feet up. enjoy a book. take a nap. there is nothing that you can’t do on the weekdays so you don’t have to have Sundays as a busy time. By the way, I loved your poem, You are a wordsmith and an artist.

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