Lettrs Weekly Challenge 1

Use the following words in a poem or story:

  • Wild
  • Mesmerizing
  • Green

Looking at the head of wild hair lying next to her, her thoughts wandered back to the night before…

“Come ON! It’s time for you to stop hiding from life and start living it!”

Looking at her sister, she realized she’d already lost the battle. She sighed as Laurie, grabbed her shoulders, turning her towards the bedroom.

Soon, after trying on every dress, skirt combo, and anything else even remotely flattering, she was despairing of ever finding anything. The bachelorette party of their cousin…twice removed…was being held at the pretentious, yet wildly popular dance club, Bon Endroit.

“I’m not going. I literally have nothing to wear and I have no intention of rushing around, then spending an arm and a leg on something I’ll only wear once.”

“Which is exactly why I took the liberty of bringing this,”

Her sister turned and pulled a garment bag from under the coat she’d had slung over her shoulder upon arrival.

She zipped open the bag, revealing a sexy, shimmery sheath of ombré green.

“Nope. Uh uh. Absolutely not!”

Marcia knew all eyes would be on her, with her shining head of red hair, wearing the dress she had immediately fallen in love with. She hated being the center of attention. It skyrocketed her Social Anxiety through the roof.

Knowing where Marcia’s reluctance came from, Laurie soothed her, saying, “Hon, I understand, but, you really do need to get out of the house and you deserve to wear something as beautiful as you are. Consider this my early birthday gift to you. I promise, if we get there and you aren’t enjoying yourself within the first ten minutes, I’ll bring you home.”

“Okay, okay. But, I’ll only promise five minutes.”

Clapping her hands in excitement, Laurie took the win.

20 minutes later, Marcia flowed from her bedroom, like a butterfly emerging its cocoon.

“You look FABULOUS!”

“I feel ridiculous.”

“Never mind that. Let’s go.”

Showing their invitations, which doubled as event tickets, the doorman cum bouncer let them in.

Eyes widening in panic at the throbbing, unfamiliar music and crowded dance floor, Marcia turned to flee, only to have Laurie grasp her hand. Leaning in, Laurie whispered, “five minutes.”

Bracing herself, Marcia turned to enter the fray and saw the glittering balloons announcing their group’s location. It took the entire five minutes to wind their way to the table. Sighing in resignation and unwilling to reverse the process immediately, she ordered a White Russian. If she was going to be here, she needed fortification.

Before sitting down, she scanned the warehouse sized room, noting the locations of the exits.

As she gazed over the throng of gyrating bodies, she suddenly stopped, locking eyes with the most mesmerizing pair of golden hazel she’d ever seen. She gasped, softly. She’d never even considered that she would connect with anyone at first contact.

As she contemplated his unruly, wavy hair, 5’8” lean frame, and casually sophisticated style, he advanced in her direction, intense interest emanating with every step.

Laurie caught sight of the wordless exchange between her sister and the former client of the accounting firm she worked at. His business had grown and its accounting needs had expanded beyond her firm’s capacity.

When he’d come in to express his gratitude for their many years of excellent service, he’d made it a point to make sure to stop in at Laurie’s office. After all, she hand handled his finances from his time as a self-employed music manager and club promoter all the way through his acquisition of and social success of Bon Endroit.

During their conversation, she made it a point to let him know about the bachelorette party, hoping he would swing by and make sure they were being well taken care of. He was that kind of guy and she’d suspected that sparks would fly once Charlie met Marcia.

And fly they did.

“Hello, I’m Charlie…might I know your name?”

The anxiety rose to the surface, tying her tongue and trying to get her to immediately flee the situation.

Laurie saw her plan crashing and burning, so she stepped in.

“Charles, this is my sister, Marcia. Marcia, Charles used to be a client of mine. He’s since moved on to bigger and better things,” she said a knowing sparkle in her eye, aware that Charles doesn’t use his club ownership to influence people and kept his role on the DL.

“N-n-n-nice to meet you.”

“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine. Could I get you to take pity on this bachelor and dance with me.”

“I-I-I don’t…”

“Of course she’ll dance with you, Charles,” Laurie declared, relieving Marcia of her drink and nudged her toward Charles and the dance floor.

It was so crowded, they could barely move. The music was blasting so loud that conversation was impossible. He reached for her hand and led her back to the table. He turned, giving her a mischievously pleading look.

“I would really like to spend a little time getting to know you. I know somewhere we can get a great cup of coffee or some soothing tea. Would you care to join me?”

“Uhmmm,” she hesitated.

“Full disclosure, my condo is across the street and I have a magnificent espresso maker. So, I am inviting you to my place, just for coffee and conversation.”

She glanced at Laurie who stated, “He’s one of the good ones. You can trust him.”

Considering the five minutes had expired half an hour prior, Marcia was ready to go and it was obvious Laurie was just getting started.

“Ok, just for a little while,” she acquiesced.

She grabbed her purse and he helped her on with her coat.

As they crossed the street, the skies opened up and rain came pouring down, soaking them from head to toe. It it’s Portland, after all.

So, once they made it into his condo, their feet were soaked, they were both dripping puddles on the floor and Marcia started shivering.

“Here, the bathroom is off to your left. First door on the right. Go and get out of those wet clothes. I’ll bring you a couple of towels and one of my robes. I’ll leave them on that table,”

She went into the bathroom and he was as good as his word. She dried off with one luxuriously fluffy towel and used the other on her hair, which had collapsed from the weight of the rain. The robe swallowed her whole, since it was made for his size and not hers. But, it was warm, dry, and covered everything she wanted covered. Grateful she hadn’t let Laurie talk her into wearing makeup, she checked the mirror once more before she collected herself enough to stop hiding.

The dining area was directly across from where they had entered and he was sitting at the table with two cups of steaming liquid in front of him.

“I hate to be a pest, but, do you have a hangar I can use for my dress?”

“Oh, just let me throw it in the dryer,” he offered, clueless regarding how to care for delicate fabrics. He just took his clothing to the dry cleaners.

“Oh, no,” she exclaimed,”it can’t go in the dryer. I just need a hanger and I’ll let it air dry.”

“Ok. Sure thing. I didn’t know if you’d like coffee or tea. But, it’s pretty late, so, I opted for tea.”


Once she’d taken care of her dress, they moved to the living room, which was furnished with a beautiful sectional that fit the room perfectly, but not her idea of what a well off bachelor would have.

“Please, make yourself comfortable.”

She stretched out on the elongated end with the chaise section. He sat next to her, in his t-shirt and sweats. They talked well into the night until they both fell asleep on the couch, their heads next to one another.



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