Happiness is as Happiness does: Musings from a Bipolar Brain

Happy is a feeling and feelings are fleeting. Happiness is a state of being and takes work.

The experience of Happiness is more challenging for some more than others and may seem impossible to achieve.

That’s because Happiness isn’t a goal or destination, but a byproduct, a side effect of the combination of our genetics, circumstances, beliefs, attitudes, and actions.

For many of us coming from lives filled with trauma and/or mental illness it will look different than it does for neurotypical people. We have to work through the trauma and confront ourselves to heal and grow. These are our prerequisites to Happiness.

There is no set formula for experiencing it. However, common and necessary elements include self-care (nutrition, activity, personal hygiene, etc.), engagement in healthy community, gratitude, service, and passionate purpose.

Pain, loss, grief, and other feelings and experiences, often considered “negative,” may suppress Happiness and cause us to lose it. But, what is lost can be found again. The negative doesn’t necessarily negate the ability to experience Happiness.

Of course, I could be way off and this is hypomania talking…but, I don’t think so.

What say you?

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  1. After several decades on the planet, I was finally able to put together a glimmer of a thought about life today: appreciate the good, and endure the bad. And also, try to avoid the bad, and make the bad good, or at least better … oh, here I go getting all complicated again. You said it much better than I did!

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    1. Happiness is a complicated thing, at times. Avoid the avoidable, is a very good policy. Looking for the good in the midst of the bad is healthy coping. Appreciation of what is good is a form of gratitude, which takes nothing for granted – good or bad.

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