You have been my cocoon
Immobilizing me
Protecting me
From the world outside

Inside your soft barrier
I have been reduced
Simmering in the miasma
Of who I used to be

Within your walls
The essential me
The zygote
Cleaves and forms

I am becoming

I am struggling
Fighting to break through
Your insulating chrysalis
And soar as I am meant to

©️2018 lem


    1. I titled it Cocoon because of the characterization of “fat” in our society…as if it’s a wholly “bad” thing which serves no purpose and is seen as something our bodies should never have or be. The reality, for me, is that fat is as much part of me as anything else I have experienced and been shaped by in my life. I see my journey not as one to get rid of parts of me, but to honor the role it has played, acknowledge the purpose it has served, and let go of it as the purpose it served no longer exists.

      So often, the focus is on weight loss and hating, getting rid of that part of ourselves. I suspect that is partly why the weight can come back for many of us.


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