Writer’s fatigue . . . and life

I really don’t feel like writing today. At least not for the new blog, Neurotypical is Overrated. Thankfully, I actually got organized with it and I’ve got posts scheduled for about a week ahead. Which is nothing I was ever really able to do here. I suppose because this is my personal, stream of conscious blog.

Yesterday was REALLY hard. Consequently, I’ve had a tension/migraine headache off and on since last night. I couldn’t sleep well at all and had a really off vivid dream. I call it vivid because I felt semi-conscious during the dream and pretty much remember details and the overall “storyline.” It was almost like a VR experience of watching a movie or tv show.

So, I’m writing this, just to “push through” the writer’s fatigue and the fact that I can’t really do the focused writing for the other blog, but still need to stay in the flow of writing and the process of developing the daily habit and discipline of writing – even when I’m not feeling it and life has battered the hell out of me.

Instead of going into the details of yesterday, I’m just going to go through the victories of today, so far:

  • I got up and out of bed
  • I got my little girl up, without having to turn into the Momster
  • I got most of the tangles out of her hair before the school bus got here
  • She actually got herself dressed, mostly.
  • I followed through with watching a live video from one of the writer’s group I’m in.
  • I reached out to my oldest daughter to check in and see how she and my grandkids are doing.
  • I put some music on to help me deal with my zombie-ness
  • I’m seriously considering getting up and cleaning
  • I’m writing this.
  • My creativity is coming back!

I want to post the proof pics, but, they’re scheduled to be on a post for the other blog, in three days time. So, you’re just going to have to visit for the Fun Friday feature.

Anyway, that’s all the news that’s fit to print for this moment.


Blessings and love,




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