Change, Friendship, Innovation: My words for 2016

I spend too much time on Facebook. I like to think that most of that time is pretty worthwhile, especially since making some priority adjustments. However, I can get caught up in the Nametests analyses of my FB profile.

Typically, the end result is an “epic fail.” The algorithms couldn’t be more wrong in their calculations. Maybe I’m less authentic and transparent about myself than I thought I was. It’s definitely something worth considering. However, occasionally, the outcome is on point.

Recently, one particular Nametests has been showing up: What is your word for 2016?



This word will guide you through the year of 2016! It will support you in your daily struggles and situations that may appear hopeless. This word will always show you the silver lining so that you won’t ever need to worry. It was chosen for you specifically, embrace it! Share your result on Facebook and show your friends what your word for 2016 is!


Through a series of interesting clicks, I inadvertently wound up with three words:

Now, I realize that many folks use meditation, prayer, or other esoteric methods of discovering their “word” for the coming year. But, according to the Circles of Innovation Playbuzz survey, I’m definitely a member of Gen C. I don’t YouTube as much as the video below portrays. That being said, I do tend to live my life with smartphone in hand. Most of the healing, growth, and progress I’ve made since starting this blog has been with the use of technology and social media.

Anyhoo, this is an ongoing thing for me. So, 2016, my year of Change, Friendship, and Innovation is starting with a Facebook community I joined in 2012, 28 Days To A New Me, established by Robert Kennedy III. In the past, participating in this process through an associated FB group was a tremendous boon for me, as well as many others. However, I stopped consistently engaging with awhile ago.

Yesterday, I decided to get back to the things which have worked for me and I posted in the group. I noticed that the vibrancy, energy, and participation appears to have diminished. I’m sure some of that has to do with Robert moving forward into growing his business of helping people achieve their goals of leadership in professional and personal development. It all began with the 28 Days group and book, 28 Days To A New Me: A Journey of Commitment

By now, you probably think I’m getting some kind of affiliate compensation, with all the links and “plugs” for Robert. That’s understandable, but, completely untrue. I believe in him and trust him. Ever since I “met” him, on Facebook, through connections with people I know and trust in my face-to-face life, Robert has proven himself to be a person of integrity and compassion, with a strong drive and purpose to see others succeed. He’s been a mentor and a friend.

When I posted in the group, I asked who was going to participate in January and expressed my desire to experience the sense of fun and community which initially drew me in, helped me stay motivated, and keeps me coming back. A few others commented and agreed to join me, not only in participating, but, also in working to revive the group. Robert is going to support and guide us, but, we’ll be the admins and doing the work.

Have you decided whether or not to do a New Year’s Resolution? Are you gung ho and raring to go or have too many years of getting derailed got you cynical about your own potential for success?

One of the best ways to prepare for success is planning for it and choosing one, specific action, to focus on completing every day.

Join me in 2016. Whether it’s physical health and fitness goals, changing careers, tackling the borderline hoarding clutter, or dealing with deeper things, we can support each other and get through it, together.

28 Days To A New Me – Personal Transformation (Facebook group).

If you’re not on Facebook, that’s okay. Leave a comment and let’s see how we can support each other, here.


Your feedback, thoughts, and input are appreciated.

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