Mental Health and Obesity: When Being Fat is More Complicated Than That

I was invited to guest post on Crazy Good Parent for a second time! She must like me or something. Janice, your editing is amazing and you are wonderful. Thank you!

Crazy Good Parent

Hi, my name is Lillian, and I am a compulsive over- and under-eating carbohydrate addict.


This is generally my opening at online Overeater’s Anonymous meetings. It is often an uncomfortable thing to admit to. It feels as if I make food choices to deliberately screw up my life and my health. There are two key words here: compulsive and addict. Both are directly connected to my mental health conditions, Bipolar II and PTSD. The symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, hypomania can be triggered at anytime by situations and interactions with others. When these things are active, my eating and food issues generally get activated as well.

The roots and causes of my obesity and disordered eating are complex and convoluted. The road to recovery is not as simple as eating healthier and practicing self-restraint, despite what gurus, trainers, doctors, and scientists say.

All kinds of things can trigger a…

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