The cost of being civilized

In our hyperlinked in post-modern, digitized society of World Wide Web crawlers we think more about the information we have more of without verifying it often enough. Wikipedia cannot be a trusted source because any anonymous schmo can open it up and add data just to prove a point. Wiki leaks is applauded for hosting the secrets of nations being exposed for the sake of the people’s right to be informed.

From the isolated solitude of our individual lives, whether we are the sole occupant in our living space or sitting in a corporate standard for consuming caffeine, surrounded by others embedded in their invisible fortresses of solitude, bubbling around screens of varying sizes, we send and receive data packets, sharing the images, memes, quotes, quips, and links across the digital divide in order to establish or maintain connections to those we may never have encountered or hope to encounter in tangible ways in our physical realities. All the while we struggle to show our true selves and emotions to the bodies beside our own.

In our desperation to transcend the painful limitations and boundaries of our physical lives, we pollute our bodies, our minds, our homes, our relationships, and our world with toxins which are the by products of our industry and innovations of becoming more civilized while we treat ourselves and others with an uncivilized lack of empathy and compassion.

Even as we speak up and speak out about the atrocities and inhumanities of human trafficking, corporate greed, sexism, racism, and self-perpetuating political engines, we are so enamoured of our personal avatars and digital voices we blind ourselves to the role we are playing in perpetuating the costs of civilization.

I am as guilty as anyone.

Yet, I have hope because the awakening I am experiencing is not only present in me. I see it happening all around me.

New generations are teaching themselves and each other old ways of approaching new things and being drawn to old things in new ways. So, the future will not return to the past, but will be informed and shaped by it, as it has always been, so it will continue to be.

This post is in response to Sreejit’s prompt from his blog, The Seeker’s Dungeon: DUNGEON PROMPTS – SEASON 2, WEEK 2: THE PRICE OF CIVILIZATION in combination with Creative Buzz Hop #33 : Solitude, hosted by Michele Liew from Muses from the Deep and Tamara Woods from PenPaperPad




  1. Well said summary of our present condition. We are locked into this modern age, and have to learn how to approach it ethically and consciously.


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