I lost my phone, kept my head, and found my sanity

So, today has been an adventure and an opportunity for me to practice faith and to actually walk my talk.

I lost my phone. I kept my head. I let go of stress, worry, and fear about it. Yes, the phone was THAT important to me and my life.

I kept my headphones on and turned the volume on my Jesus freak music up louder to drown out the inner voices trying to drag me all the way back into The Nothing and The Swamp of Sadness. Instead, I sang, I prayed, and I just kept moving forward – after retracing my steps to look for the phone, that is.

Overall, it’s been a great day.

I’m actually grateful for the experience because I hadn’t done my UBC post for the day on the PDX Social Safety Net blog I started to be a resource blog for people needing assistance with know what services are available to help families in need.

Oh, and I’m getting a phone with a physical keyboard as well as a touch screen, that is larger, so maybe I won’t have to squint as much?

The best part of the day, is that Keith reached out and requested me to email him the link to this blog from its inception, so that he can read through it from the beginning.

I told him to remember that I had done my best not to flame him in my posts, but that I had gone into detail about our issues. He actually said that was good because he needed to see where he’s been and how he’s changed. He wants to know what he needs to work on. He doesn’t want to throw away 18 years.

I told him I didn’t either, but there was no way I could go back to the way things have been. He said he wasn’t expecting me to.

So, stay tuned.

We have a long row to hoe, but I think the harvest is going to be worth it.



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