Breakthroughs are happening here

It’s four days into 2014 and I have been writing like a woman possessed.

You lucky folks are NOT being bombarded with ALL of the posting I’ve been doing, because I’ve been spreading it out across WordPress and beyond.

I am taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, again. This time on PDX Social Safety Net. I use my real name, so, I guess you could say that this is my “coming out party.” Over there I’m writing from my personal prospective, without going into too much personal detail, the way I do here, and providing information and links to resources I have accessed in my life and on my healing journey of growth and personal development.

Now, for the bigger news.

I had a couple of major breakthroughs yesterday.

You may or may not have seen my post on Motivation yesterday.


Yeah, thanks to Sreejit over at Dungeon Prompts the creative non-fiction writing got a jump start for 2014.

Then, after participating in several online twelve-step meetings, dealing with a sick and clingy five year old, cleaning the apartment: laundry, dishes, wiping down the bathroom, and lots of writing, I connected with three, yes THREE actual friends, voice to voice, over the phone.

The third one is someone I’ve known for 24 years. She is officially the only person who is not related by blood, who has known me as an adult, for the longest amount of time. We’d lost touch for extended periods of time, over the intervening two decades. However, Facebook reconnected us a couple of years ago.

I went for a late evening walk and she kept me company via my headphones and the iPhone.

Towards the end of the conversation, some intense memories and realizations about some things that happened in the lives of myself and my children between 14 – 20 years ago happened. I now recognize that kind of thing is a kind of flashback, because of the overwhelming emotion and uncontrollable tears that began to flow.

I stayed with it. I talked it through with her. As I did so, lightbulbs about my relatioonship with my son and how he had been affected by these events and the things I didn’t see, know, or understand that a mother should know, rose through my filters and I finally understand some of the root issues that keep he and I from being able to truly be in relationship with each other.

I wrote it out. But, I can’t share it. It’s his story as much as mine. So, you’ll just have to be content knowing that I know it’s going to be transformational for us both, once we get there together.

Blessings and Love everyone!


Your feedback, thoughts, and input are appreciated.

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