Hope: A self-portrait in words #4


Rejuvenated Restored
Joy and Hope
A new creation am I

Releasing the past
Being healed presently
Hope for the future

(c) 2013, KDdL
Original artwork created with iPhone 4S, Heyku, Pic Collage, Instagram

Creative Buzz Hop hosted by Michelle, of Muses from the Deep, and Tamara Woods, of PenPaperPad.
This was prompt #14: Hope



    1. Keith,
      Thank you very much. I’m surprising myself. Each one I create, I think will be the final one, because I don’t foresee how to keep them from becoming redundant and derivative of the prior ones.

      I’m appreciating how I can use the visual imagery, with the minimal words, to process what’s happening inside of me and my life with less “work,” in terms of time and energy, as compared to the wordiness of what I’ve done in the past. Now, I’m able to redirect the “saved” time & energy into other kinds of writing and creative endeaverd.



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