Rejuvenation: A self-portrait in words #2


Rejuvenated Restored
Joy and Hope
A new creation am I

(c) 2013, KDdL
Original artwork created with iPhone 4S, Heyku, Pic Collage, Instagram



  1. The colors and words are more positive, but I still find the image a little creepy. I think it reminds me a little too much of a Magritte painting–any Magritte painting–where there is a missing face. I love Magritte, but his stuff is disturbing. That doesn’t mean I don’t like what you’re doing. It’s an interesting take on creating an image of yourself.


    1. Mary,
      I appreciate your feedback and love how open you are with it. I’ve been considering how to categorize this kind of artistic expression. I don’t consider myself a “true” artist, since I don’t actually paint, draw, or create any other form of visual art outside of what I mix and mingle together from the various apps and tools on my phone.

      My art is like my cooking in that way. My son once said that I was a great mixer/combiner but not a good cook. Meaning I can mix and mingle the contents of packages, cans, boxes, and bags to make something tasty, but don’t have the knowledge or skill to cook from scratch.

      I used to watch Extreme Home Makeover and in one episode there was a woman who created what she called “Make Do” Art. She made do with the items she found or had on hand. It was considered folk art. I have kind of decided that what I’m creating could be considered digital folk art.

      I’m not as culturally rounded as you and others might think. I’m sure who Magritte is. I’ll have to look him up. I can understand how replacing the facial features with words could be disturbing or creepy. That wasn’t my intent. It’s more of a reflection of the fact my sense memory was quashed at a very young age and I escaped into the intellectual land of words. I’m in the process of decompartmentalizing my various aspects and working toward internal unification.

      Anyway, I’m exploring.



      1. I only know who Magritte is because I took way too many Art History classes. I thought about including an image, but I couldn’t choose one; I figured you’d look him up when you got the chance. You might not be well-rounded, but you have more depth to your knowledge.

        The image is interesting. You’re probably limited with the choices you have using your phone, but you manage to create something that makes people think. You’ve got an instinctive touch with combining words and images. (BTW, the color choices really work.)


        1. Mary,
          It’s like you know me or something, lol.

          Thank you for the compliment. The trouble with hanging out in the deep end too long is you can get in over your head a drown! 😉

          I am limited, but being able to edit, mix, and mingle the elements and attributes of the various apps, really helps to work around their limitations and constraints.

          I think that instinct you refer to is inherited from my grandmother – and here I was thinking she hadn’t left much of a legacy. She was a frustrated visual artist. She painted acrylics & oils mostly and she did some photography. LaLa wanted to learn and do photography and has held into grand ma’s old art box, as well as wanting to sing and produce music. Hmmm, my uncle was a frustrated musician, my mom was a frustrated writer and crafter, I guess the force of frustrated artistry run strong in this one.

          Although, my frustration is lessening.


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