“Fly Like an Eagle”

My friend PurpleMary from MyElectronicJukebox agreed to partner with me on this month’s Peace Challenge. I enjoy reading her insights and little known facts related to the songs and artists she profiles on her blog, so, I thought she would have something worth reading about this song, specifically the 1974 live appearance on The Midnight Special, video I came across on YouTube, which you will find when you visit her and read her take on this song.


So yesterday I reblogged Kina’s beautiful post about a live version of the Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle.”  This is something she and I have been discussing for a couple of weeks now, although I freely admit to slacking a little on getting it done.  (Well, slacking isn’t exactly the right term; it turns out there’s a lot of other stuff that needs doing right now.  But I have been watching a little more TV lately, too.)  This is an interesting version of a song that I’ve never given a lot of thought before now.  And a few minutes of research on the interwebs made it even more interesting.

Before I get into some of the cool trivia, I should mention that this is part of the Bloggers for Peace monthly challenge.  And as Kina already covered so well in her post, there is something about this…

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