Escape: Free write and Six Word Friday

Can somebody please tell me how we are more than halfway through this year and how Friday came so darned fast this week? I could swear that Monday was yesterday.

Where is The Doctor when you need him? Oh yeah, he’s preparing to regenerate.

At the very least, I wish my Tardis was a bit larger on the outside, so that I could step inside and ESCAPE.

Which brings me to today’s Six Word Friday entry.


Doctor please help me escape time!

In our three dimensional humanity, we consider the fourth dimension of time to be a linear thing. We quantify it and measure it and use it in our efforts to organize our lives. We create schedules to manage our time only to realize that while we were concerning ourselves with meeting time’s external demands, life got in the way and time got away from us.

We judge ourselves and each other based on punctuality and how productive we are in a set amount of time. We plan our lives and expect others to do so within the context of time. As if there isn’t enough conflict in our lives and this world, we create conflicts of time and often miss out on opportunities because we don’t allow room for flexibility of time and for life to do its thing.

In our frantic, over scheduled, post industrial societies we have forgotten the truth of time – it is an artificial construct, utilized by industrial efficiency experts to elevate material production and the acquisition of material wealth over the well-being of people, relationships and communities.

We have taken the natural rhythms of seasons; the transitioning between night and day and created unnatural expectations for all members of a society to conform to the false system of scarcity and lack instead of the abundance which was, is, and can be. This misappropriation of natural time has created dysfunction, overwhelm, and an energy crisis inside of our minds, spirits, and bodies.

Think about it. How much “stress” is experienced because of the artificial constructs of time in our modern society?

“I don’t have TIME for this!” We sigh, snarl, and growl when our children are naturally doing what it is they do to grow and develop, because we don’t have time to allow them to develop themselves.

We are expected to heal from psychological, emotional wounds in a period of time that insurance companies, corporations, and society at large deems sufficient. We don’t allow freedom of time to relax, renew, and refresh our inner beings. Our children are only allowed to explore and expand their creative selves and the imagination of dreaming until we deem it’s time for them to put childish daydreams away and conform to the constructs of schedule bells and structured, measurable, and productive activity.

Perhaps time isn’t the immutable construct we’ve learned to live within.

I’m not the first to consider this. The mythology of the Greek Titan, Kronos (Cronus, Chronos) is continually revisited, but originally was seen in this way:

“KRONOS (or Cronus) was the Titan god of time and the ages, especially time where regarded as destructive and all-devouring.”

H. G. Wells explored it in The Time Machine. Ray Bradbury’s short story about time travel, A Sound of Thunder, may have inspired the movie, Butterfly Effect. In the 60’s The Time Lord, Doctor Who, made his first appearance on the BBC. Many of us are anxiously anticipating his eleventh regeneration so we can meet the 12th Doctor. During the period between then and now we were introduced to Sam Beckett and joined him on his adventures each week as his consciousness hopped through time and into the bodies and lives of various folks who may have had a ripple effect and negatively affect history, which Sam has to figure out how to repair.

I think it’s about time to go on strike against time as we know it.



  1. Are you looking forward to the announcement on Sunday? I know I am, although I really like Eleven (David Tennant’s Ten is still my favorite because he was the Doctor when I started watching).

    Time moves at warp speed. Like Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


  2. Einstein’s theory of time dilation is now actually a law since it was proven. If you get in a spaceship and go fast enough, time inside the ship will go more slowly than outside. You could take a forty year trip through the solar system and then return to Earth, but only five years or so (depending on how fast you were going…but it would have to be a lot faster than the fastest rockets we have today) would have passed for you.


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