Systems check for Christians: is it time for repair, restore, update, or upgrade? Is your system corrupted?

I’ve been coming to a different understanding of God, Jesus, redemption, forgiveness and the way we Christians relate and communicate the Gospel to those in the world around us. Yesterday I discussed it with a brother in Christ who happens to be my son. This is my first attempt at writing it out. So, please bear with me.

Using modern concepts and the language of technology, I had a kind of revelation. Who we are as human beings and where we are at in a given moment of time determines our operating system and platform. For example: Windows and Apple have different operating systems. Windows users and Apple users develop different frameworks and understanding of how to work within those systems. Preferences and expectations for what can be done and how it can accomplished, based on those experiences working within those operational systems, are then formed.

People develop inside of family, local, regional, and international systems. Life conditions and experiences, in combination with their unique combinations of DNA, shape the brain’s operational system forming language, thoughts, shaping behaviors, habits, reactions, and responses. No one person’s OS is identical to another’s. although there may be commonalities and similarities. Because no one experiences things in the same way, the development of understanding and processing is unique.

So, when a software developer has a program to be used by a lot of different people whose systems are operationally different, the developer must learn about how those different existing systems function and operate in order to create a software application that is compatible and functional within those different systems. Apple software doesn’t work in Windows and vice verse.

Apple has an internet browser and so does Windows. However, two other developers, Firefox and Google, have developed browsers which can be downloaded and used in both systems, making their product for navigating the internet more universally applicable and beneficial to the end users.

The message of God’s love for ALL of humanity, before time began and extending beyond the boundary of time, is a universal one. Every culture and religion, every fairy tale, myth, and legend contains this message, or code.

Over time, as new operating systems emerge, external damage occurs, and viruses affect the hardware, files, and OS, the code becomes distorted and corrupted. At which point the end user has hopefully backed up the data, so that when the existing system is repaired or replaced, that which was of value can be restored.

This taking what was valued and then corrupted, through no intent or action of its own, is redemption. We human beings are born into malfunction and corruption. Our original program is love, attachment, and relationship. From the moment we are born we are tuned for relationship and seeking love and belonging. Through no fault of ours, based on the damaged and missing code in others around us, our inner code of love and relationship, becomes corrupted. Like the corrupted software that is designed to function one way but begins malfunctioning and not performing as designed or expected, we are unable to fix what is damaged and faulty within ourselves, regardless of our best efforts, even if we understand what it is that has been damaged. Only the original designer, developer, creator has that ability.

Redeemed – pulled from the corrupted, malfunctioning system; repaired – being reprogrammed to know and function according to the original operational code, love; and restored – returned to the system of relational attachment to interface and function in complementary ways with the other software in the system, the restored coded and repaired functionality of relational attachment is designed to replicate itself and become part of the restorative process to repair the system it’s operating within.

This is our spiritual process as well.

As messengers, we need to seek to understand the operational systems of those we interact with more than trying to force and impose our operational protocols on others. Once we understand those things, then the message of love, relationship and attachment can be applied and replicated in ways that are compatible with the existing OS.

Basically, existing and outdated programming language has to be adapted and reconfigured in order to be effective inside of current generation tech and systems. The message, purpose, and source never changes, just the method and language of delivery and replication.

Just as telephonic communication technology has evolved from the development of the telegraph to smartphones, leaving behind the specialized communications positions of someone to take the original message, convert it to dashes and dots, tapping it out to a cohort who then interprets the dashes and dots and back into the message to be received, to what we can do now, new technology enables more direct and tailored communication to happen.

By the same token, that also means so many more messages are competing for attention. So, what we put out has to be relevant and contextually applicable for those we are trying to reach. In order to become viral, we have to focus on the individual more than ever, honing in on the right delivery system that will get through the defense systems: ad blockers, spam filters, and banner suppression mechanisms.

No longer can we expect to send broadcast messages, advertising our agenda and expectations of adjustment and conformity to our way of believing. We have to remember the core message is what is important, not the now ineffectual and obsolete delivery systems.




  1. What a fantastic analogy of our relationship with God. You’ve beautifully used computer language to describe the instructions to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

    Like you, I agree that every person has a unique background, and thus processes input differently than anyone else. You and I can state the same thing, yet mean something totally different. Wanting my readers to understand this, I wrote “Standardized Christianity” shortly after I began to blog in March.

    May Jesus continue to bring healing and restoration to you and your family (and mine as well!); and may He grant a great harvest for your labor of love here.

    In Christ,
    Praising Jesus for your presence here in Blogtopia!


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