Reader Interactive: Would you help me write my book, please?

Dear readers,
As any of you who have been following along may know, I’ve been participating in 28 Days to a New Me accountability groups on Facebook since May, after joining Dream Stoker Nation a month or so earlier. You may also be aware that one of my dreams is to write professionally and help support my family through my writing.

The time has come. Based on some recent conversations – about fears, dreams, and such: I have committed to taking action to make that dream into a reality.

For the AUGUST 2013 28 Days, I will develop a book. It will be based on my writing from this blog and do two things: 1) Tell the story of my journey and progress from the basket case I felt I was, Dec 2011, to the person I am now. 2) some of the significant things I learned, actions I took, and choices I’ve made that helped me grow and change.

I will do this by going back through and reading my blog from the beginning, at least three posts each day, and pulling out the significant event, presenting problem, outcome, and lesson learned.

By the end of August I should have the framework/outline in place for putting the book together.

What this means is that I might not be posting here as much. I am requesting two things from you, the readers of Human in Recovery.

First, for those of you on your own journeys of healing, recovery and growth, learning how to manage and cope with whatever conditions, compulsions, diagnoses, hurts, habits, etc., if you write – blog, journal, or notes on napkins – please consider sharing part of your journey, here, on Human in Recovery. This goes for anyone – artists, photographers, poets, musicians, crafters, scrapbookers, jewelry makers, walkers, runners, swimmers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. I believe that sharing our experiences helps us realize our strengths and gives hope to others, as well as to ourselves. As I have been growing along this journey, I have realized the healing power of being in community. Many of you have participated in helping me feel like an accepted part of your online community . While I move forward into new things, I envision this space becoming more of a community hub and not solely about me, my thoughts and my journey. So, I am asking you to join me in this progression and add your voice to mine. If that scares you to think about, that’s okay. I’m scared too. But, action in the face of fear is called courage. So, step into and grow your courage. Let’s do this, together. Leave a comment or go to the Connect to Kina page and we’ll create something amazing together.

The second thing I’m asking your help with is to let me know if there were particular posts that were relevant and helpful to you. I want to find out what it was that you connected with and how it may have influenced your journey. For those who have joined us a little more recently, I’m interested in the same information from you. Having this feedback will help the book to be. The intention of the book isn’t just to tell my story and hopefully earn a little money to help support my family, it is also to share my experience, hope, and strength with others who struggle as I have, who haven’t yet connected and been able to apply the lessons and information about healing, growing, and changing their lives to be more than they believe it can be.

Certainly, I haven’t become an expert example and I still have much to learn and grow in, but I never thought I would reach this place of self-acceptance, reconciliation between myself, my past, and key people along the way. That is what I want to help guide others who are stuck in similar ways to know and see that they CAN move out if that place, no matter how long they’ve been stuck.

I thank you all for following along on my journey. I am grateful for those of you who have offered encouragement, insight, and perspective along the way, you’ve helped me become who I am now. You are amazing souls!





  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too. 🙂

    I do think studying writing is a good thing when intending to earn money. Even when you are gifted some coaching or a teacher will bring things to another level.

    I wish you tremendous success with your book!


  2. Hi, Kina

    My blog has many stories that are bits and pieces of my life. I share the good, bad, and ugly…and then the glorious truth that Jesus offers healing. One thing He did for me was to fix my split personality (DID/MPD). You can find that four-part story here:

    I felt compelled to share it when I came across blog after blog where people were finding “tolerable relief” from their wounds through various means. Jesus healed completely and permanently. It is my hope to lead people to that kind of wholeness.

    May the Lord use your publication to lead others to freedom in Him, and may He grant you a wide audience for your book.

    In Him,
    Praising Jesus for His love, mercy, and grace!


  3. Oh, dear. I’m not sure how much help I can be reminding you of posts I thought were significant. Besides only having a good memory for useless trivia, I’ve found so much of what you write interesting and significant that I’d be hard pressed to pick any one thing out. Feel free to contact me if you want any feedback or editing advice, though.


  4. A posting that someone is not try selling me something. I’m trying to get my esty and ebay shop going but it’s not my entire life. I actual like to blog for the fun of it.
    As for your book you might want to join a local writers group we have one here and the way I found out about it was though our local library. I notice on your side bar you have link to blog for mental health 2013 going to check it out.
    If you have time stop in for some coffee


    1. Dora,
      Nope, I just want help creating something worth selling. I’ll look into connecting with local writers. I hope you find some blogs in the BfMH2013 that you connect with.



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