Has stress hijacked your life? Here are seven proven stress-busters that will have you feeling like a Champion again!

Has stress hijacked your life? Here are seven proven stress-busters that will have you feeling like a Champion again!.


I have nothing but stress, most days it seems. I usually see lists like this and think, “Yeah right, easy for you to say.” However, Kimberly connected this list to the stressful circumstances of her life experiences – which made it more difficult for me to dismiss out of hand.

My inclination is still to identify why many if these things can’t or don’t fit in my situation. However, I don’t have to try to implement them all. I simply have to open myself up to explore the possibilities that one or more CAN work, and focus on that.



  1. Usually our first response when we start to feel stressed is to cut back on our activities so we don’t feel so much pressure: “I’m doing too much, I need to cut down”. However this is rarely the most effective strategy. Whilst it can be useful to cut out unnecessary or unwanted activities, reducing demand can eventually lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. Each time you reduce a demand you eliminate a challenge from your life. If you do this too often your life gradually becomes less challenging and less productive. For example if you decide not to go for promotion because you want to avoid stress you lose an opportunity to develop yourself. If you cut down on your hobbies or social life because you have a demanding job you may feel you are missing out on something valuable to you.


  2. Every time the doctor asks me if I’m under a lot of stress, I have to laugh…I always ask him if he knows anybody who isn’t. Stress is a killer isn’t it. My wish is for all of us to find that one thing helps us live a balanced and happy life. I know I’m working on it too!


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