Children and the Joy of Chores

I have a favor to ask of those of you who read this blog. I’m asking that you go check out my friend’s blog. Michelle is someone I’ve known, personally through a common church community for probably more than 10 years. She is an educator, teaching middle school kids in the community she lives in. She’s also a mom, wife, and a very talented singer.

She also happens to be a refuge from a different blog hosting site and just got started here on WordPress.

She did this because she is trying a new way to do something new to get her kids to do chores. Anyone who has been a parent or a kid has probably experienced strife and conflict around this subject. After 26 years of parenting, I still struggle mightily with doing my own chores, much less figuring out how to get Luna to clean up her toys. So, I’m really interested to find out about this program she purchased. Maybe you will be too.

If Michelle gets five followers and writes a review on her blog, the company will rebate part of her purchase price.

So, please go chek it out and, if it looks like something that interests you, click “follow” on her blog. I’m pretty sure you won’t be bombarded by her posts. 🙂

Thank you for helping me to help a friend out.


Practically Optimistic

Hey there.  So today I am going to talk about something that I have struggled with for a couple of years now.  Namely, how to get my kids to take responsibility for some of the work around the house in a way that teaches them to be responsible.  I have not done a very good job of this up to this point because as well all know, asking a kid to do a chore, teaching them how to do it, and then doing it over again yourself so it gets done well later on takes way more time than just doing it yourself.

Here is a typical scenario in ourhouse:

Michelle: Taylor will you please do ___________________? (Clean room, pick up living room, etc)

Taylor: Why do I have to do that?  Chloe played with it too!  I’m busy!  I have to go to the bathroom!…..

Michelle: Please do what I asked you…

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  1. Miss Kina — Appreciated your ‘call to arms’ in support of Michelle. I’m there. Have been silent lately, but don’t think for a moment your name doesn’t cross my mind from time to time. Remain grateful I get to be on the Planet the same time you are. Dan


    1. Dan,
      I feel the same way about you. Even in silence, your positive voice is heard and appreciated. It’s always good when we connect. Thanks for helping me help a friend out.



    1. Reese,
      I figured you might have already followed, but if me getting the link out there helped, great, since I know how connected you and Michelle are!

      Hmm, maybe we should work on inventing a way to teach Bento & Rousey to scoop their own poop?

      Btw – how soon might we get MMM going again? You might be able to crowd source ideas for funding…



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