Peace: Six Word Friday


Fearful, anxiety in towering, terrible waves
Rise up, surrounding me, crashing down
The driving rain of mute despair
Piercing mind, shredding heart, drowning soul
Smothering and threatening newly rediscovered joy
Scattering perfect seeds of love, faith
This time, the storm guides them
To well prepared and fertile soil
I see over the cresting waves
Looking through blurry, tear-filled eyes
Gazing up, I witness clouds break
Blue skies open, releasing bright rays
Comforting light, scattering dread, affirming life
Love descends, enveloping my fragile heart
Stilling the torrential, raging internal storm
Instilling abiding peace beyond understanding




  1. Hi Kina, Visiting you via Six Word Fridays.
    That is a very beautiful poem – vulnerable, transparent, and inspirational.


  2. I like the concept of “six word Friday.” It’s clear and clean and brilliant. Wish I’d have thought of it. 😉


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