Prison Gangs, Oprah and the Teaching at Church Last Week

I just wanted to share something by a personal friend of mine. If I had a functional computer, I would probably have written about Marc’s teaching at Bridge City last weekend, as well.



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Every once in awhile I see a connection or a recurring theme coming out of totally different places in my life.  Recently I saw a connection between a documentary about prison gangs, a quote repeated on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show and the teaching by Marc Schelske at Bridge City from 6/1/13 titled : No Longer Far Away
I watched a documentary recently about prison life and prison gangs. If you are interested, you can watch it here:
In the outdoor prison yards, everyone separated themselves into their respective gangs, generally by race.  They don’t interact with members from other gangs unless it’s a fight or something. A couple of prisoners that were interviewed were asked how they got their scars or injuries…assuming it was from a rival gang member. Both prisoners said they got their scars and injuries from both THEIR gang AND rivals. The gangs are run by…

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