28 Days to a New Me: Day 28 – Just the beginning

I had so many plans for this blog for the month of May! Now, here it is the 29th and this will only be the 13th post. *sigh*

The guests posts and important conversations didn’t happen . . . at least not in this space. However, many important conversations have been taking place, IRL and in that crazy, unfiltered and uninhibited, digital Wild, Wild West otherwise known as Facebook, in the more civilized communities which are growing in FB groups like Dream Stoker Nation and 28 Days To A New Me.

This last group has been instrumental and pivotal for me in my personal journey of recovery, especially as it relates to my physical and mental/emotional health issues.

At the end of April I committed to a daily goal of completing 15 minutes of physical activity each day for 28 Days. I wanted to start creating a habit of movement. With the overwhelming support, encouragement, accountability, motivation, and inspiration of all the participants, and its founder – Robert Kennedy III – I SUCCEEDED!

I was physically active every day! More than that, I worked up to being able to swim 36 laps in a 25 yard pool, for the total distance of a mile, in 90 minutes +/-. I lost six pounds, my belly is flatter, and my clothes fit better. I’m much more aware and present in body, mind, and spirit. My support network has expanded and new friendships have begun.

You can read more about all of this on my other blog. Just follow the link.

At this point, I can’t even tell you what June will bring, other than my 44th birthday on the 7th, lol.

Stay tuned, it’s bound to be an interesting ride.

Experiments in Health and Wellness


Exercise is helping me to recover, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

I have mentioned that I deal with Cyclothymia – a low level bi-polar disorder. It includes a component in the cycle known as hypomania. I have written about it on my Human In Recovery blog, in the past. Last week I wrote about it again in Hypomania Interrupted.

Exercise and I have a long love/hate relationship. I think there hasn’t been a year in my life where I haven’t attempted to rekindle the affair only to bail when the pain of too much, too soon got too real.

This month of May 2013 is the first and only time I have ever exercised for 28 consecutive days! It is the first time that I have pushed through the exacerbated pain and fatigue of the fibromyalgia. It is the first time I have consistently pushed…

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  1. That’s so awesome Kina! I remember when you started, I’m so glad you saw it through and gained the benefits 🙂

    Keep moving forward and enjoying the journey!



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