Peace: Drop It Like It’s Hot: Six Word Friday


Peace: Drop it like it’s Hot

Draw in the most positive energy
Release the need to control everything
Other people’s issues don’t define you
Practice the elements of love daily

Invest in what energizes your life
Treat self and others with kindness

Let others see inside of you
Immerse yourself in what life offers
Know you are valuable and loved
Exude the good you want returned

Involve and engage in the present
Time is precious, share it freely
Smiles are priceless gifts, costing little

Help others without expecting a return
Occupy yourself by seeking the positive
Trust that everything will work out





    1. Sunshine,
      Thank you for visiting. Glad you enjoyed it.

      So often we don’t realize we harbor hidden expectations of others as invisible strings to be pulled at a later time. We certainly know what it feels like when it happens to us, however.



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