Setting Intentions: What’s in store for May?

28 Days to a New Me: Day One or How I managed to get my butt in gear,” is the title of my first post on my much neglected blog, Experiments in Health and Wellness. This is because it is also a much neglected aspect of my self-care. So, for the month of May, I am taking part in an accountability and support group designed to help people commit and follow through on goal setting.

It turns out participating in this challenge is already growing me in new and challenging ways, and I’ve only walked for about 22 minutes. The accountability piece requires proof that the goal for each day has been met. So, I did my very first vlog . . . and made it publicly accessible on YouTube, for some insane reason. So, if you aren’t inclined to click the link to read the post on my other blog, you can go here to watch the video by itself. However, if you want to know how I put the video together, you will need to go read about it.

Self-care, accountability, learning new things, and stretching myself to move out of my comfort zone. And that’s just Day One.

I have a couple of Author Interviews that have been gathering digital dust. Two wonderful ladies took the time and effort back in January to do them, now I need to honor their efforts and trust in me and actually get them published. I’m also considering inviting a couple of familiar folks back, as guest bloggers to discuss their new books, but I haven’t asked them yet, so you’ll have to wait and see.

Around the middle of May I’m looking forward to hosting the author of Whordinary. I am hoping that the beginnings of a dialogue can begin where the various assumptions and biases on both sides of the story can start learning how to relate to each other as human beings and not as victims needing to be rescued/reformed OR as clueless do-gooders wanting to evangelize, convert, and pat themselves on the back for contributing to good deeds being done. I’m working on inviting others to participate in that conversation.

I have invited Paloma, from Going Bananas, to guest post. She is a strong voice of feminist activism in her home country of India. She may be young, but she has much wisdom and the brash and fiery passion of youth fueling that voice to speak up and hold her society accountable for unrighteous practices and policies that are ingrained tradition. She is one to watch.

Other things are on the stove or in the oven that is my brain; bubbling, simmering, and baking away until such a time as the dishes are ready to be served. You will just have to be satisfied with these tidbits for now.

On a personal front, it looks like I’m in for more intentional work on my psyche and will be getting a scholarship to attend an eight-week therapy group regarding attachment and parenting. Child care is not provided, so I’m relying on LaLa and her SpiritLove to watch Luna for me while I follow through on this. I’m still awaiting confirmation that I will be in, but have been told to plan on being there.

I also got a phone call from the therapist who is going to be working directly with Luna and me on the issues and challenges I have had in my parenting of her. Things like routine, consistency, follow through and how to parent without raising my voice are all things that I desperately need to work on. Developing tools to use while in the throes of hypomania or the depths of the dark would be helpful for us both.

Whew! May is going to be busy, better get going.


  1. Sounds like you are set to make some really great changes and improvements over the month 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your challenges through May!

    Keep well, I look forward to seeing more vlogs and updates!



  2. Good luck for your 28 days and beyond. Sounds like you are moving in the right direction. I love the way you describe your oven of a brain, waiting for the dishes to be served.


    1. Jacqui,
      Thank you so much for stopping by. Your encouragement and support is much valued and very appreciated. Do you want to know one of the best things about my journey, thus far? Regaining my sense of wit and humor instead of feeling like my brain is my worst enemy most of the time and being unable to see the humor in everyday life and me being me.



  3. You’re doing great work, Kina. I’ll be checking out the other blog soon. And big props for having the courage to do a vlog, and make it public. I could never do that; I couldn’t even listen to myself long enough to do a podcast.


    1. Mary,
      Believe me, the thought of doing a video, much less making it public was very uncomfortable, at first. Then I realized, that moving through that resistance and discomfort is another step in my healing and recovery journey, as well as part of building something toward the future and career I want to create for myself. So, now, I’m a vlogger too! Not something I ever would have imagined of myself.

      Thanks for continuing to visit and “converse” with me. You are also a huge part of my journey thus far and am glad you will be along for more of it.



    1. LiPR,
      Thank you. After reviewing the video, I see some technical issues with and some things to improve on doing the video. However, the fact that I did a video AT ALL and decided to make it public, is a huge and positive step for me and I’m not going to naysay a bit of it. Your encouragement and support is much appreciated and welcome.



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