Flower: Six Word Friday


Practicing presence, I notice the beauty
Of the flowers, in my life
I stop to savor, to appreciate
The gifts, the labors of love
Planted in fertile soil prepared by
The author and perfector of faith
Hope and love; breath of life
Fills my heart, spirit and soul

Visit Adrienne of My Memory Art to read more on Six Word Fridays

Visit Adrienne of My Memory Art to read more on Six Word Fridays



    1. Dan,
      I missed participating in the Six Word Friday for the weeks I didn’t do it. I just had trouble overcoming the internal and external demons and goblins for a little bit. I was almost afraid my inspiration to be able to participate had fled for good. Glad I was wrong.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Some friends and I were walking in a park once, and I stopped to smell some roses (because I loooove roses), and one of my friends said, “Look, Mary’s become a cliche.” Just thought I’d share that.


    1. Claudio,
      I suspected Italian and translategoogle.com confirmed this is what you had to say:
      Beautiful space of the heart!!
      I’ll be back soon to read you
      A cordial greeting

      To which I reply:
      Grazie mille. Non vedo l’ora di avere visitato.

      Thank you so very much. I’m looking forward to having you visit.


    1. Lianda,
      Interestingly, I’ve never been much of a reader of poetry myself, despite the fact I had periods in my younger years where I would write a fair amount of it.

      Were it not for the Six Word Friday prompts sent to me each week, I would seldom, if ever write it now.

      Having those prompts sent to me early in the week has had the effect of putting me into a more mindful and aware state. I’m glad to know that is passed on to others when they read it.

      I truly appreciate that you came back to comment.



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