When the balls drop…Pick ’em up and start again

Well, I dropped a few different balls over the past several days.

At this point, I have to confess, that the myriad of reasons I could name and detail for the disruption – while valid and real – are more excuses and me just giving into inertia, navel-gazing, and de-motivation. I do honestly believe that some of this is part of the cyclothemia cycle, because I got very, very gung-ho and excited with the guest blogging project (which is still happening) but went borderline hypomanic about it, then when confronted with disruptions and interruptions the depression piece of it kicked in a little bit and I kind of temporarily gave up and just shifted focus back onto the same things I usually do. The good news is that I’m back, I’m aware, and I’m taking steps to get back on track.

One big item that I dropped was the guest post by my friend Keith Addison from Sleepless in Newcastle. He has a daughter with an undiagnosed genetic disorder and this past Saturday was Undiagnosed Children’s Day. He wrote a post for a guest spot on this blog, but due to my lack of follow through and technical glitches, it didn’t get published in a timely manner. This is an importanat issue and one that deserves to be spotlighted. So, as the trite saying goes, “better late than never,” This post will be coming out later this week as well as the one he has written regarding Binge Eating Disorder. I’m so very grateful to him for his efforts.

I finally connected with Robert Kennedy III after flaking on two different occasions when we had made arrangements for me to call him. He graciously received my apologies with sincere understanding that, “Life happens.” I am truly excited about what he will be sharing with you, 28 Days from Fear to Focus, which should be showing up on Tuesday, April 23rd. He has been working on how technology and apps can be used to help people accomplish the things they want to achieve in their lives, whether it’s personal or business. He has an e-book coming out soon, 28 Days To A New Me. In our conversation we discussed how what he writes about can be shared with people like myself who struggle with things like depression and are on a healing and recovery journey can transition from feeling overwhelmed with life and the “I can’ts” and tap into the tools, resources, and knowledge they already possess, instead of continually seeking something “out there” and piling on more overwhelming things that create distraction and overwhelm.

Tomorrow, Gary S. Walter, will be sharing about Insipid Fear, his real experience with it and what he’s learned from it. It is a lesson I seem to continually benefit from and frequently need to be reminded of. If any of you have the same tendencies I do to fret, worry, and wallow in anxiety, you may enjoy this one as much as I do.

In the meantime, I have a lot of UBC blogging to catch up on. I’m several days/posts behind on my 30 posts in 30 days goal. I have also neglected my project to blog about my journey to transition from “hobbyist blogger” to “free-lance” writer over on my Glipho blog. So, for those of you who don’t want to get inundated by multiple posts a day from me, you can head over there at your leisure to see what I’m up to.  First let me do the writing to catch up. At this point, the majority of the “gliphs” are imported from things I’ve written here.

I do have some more personal writing that I plan on doing, which I will do here, so bear with me if you do see multiple posts in a day.

Time to get juggling!




  1. I drop balls a lot. When things get rough going for me health wise I tend to retreat and mend and then come back again. Sometimes that can take a couple of days. But for the most part my circle of support is understanding and I try to catch up. But you can only do so much w/what limitations you may be facing. Depression is hard to completely overcome, if possible. it’s a day to day, hour by hour process of mentally being on the lookout, being prepared both physically, emotionally and spiritually to recognize it’s creeping up on you again and smash it before it gets out of control. Speaking personally, of course, this tends to be true of myself. I don’t profess to speak on anyone else’s behalf. I like your posts and your blogs and I will continue to follow them. Keep up the great work! And Blessings to you 🙂


  2. We all drop balls. One of the life lessons I learned from participating several months of Weight Watchers is that dropping balls does not mean things are hopeless; you have the opportunity to recover and start over again – and you must give yourself permission to do that. This applies to so much more than losing weight! Congrats for putting yourself back on the right track.


    1. Alana,
      Thank you for that. I’m working on not dwelling on the reasons for the dropped balls and wallowing in self-flaggelating misery as I just watch them all roll away in different directions. Instead, I’m focusing on the ones closest and working to get going again. It’s definitely a better approach than what I’ve done so many times before. It feels good to make that choice, if more than a bit unfamiliar and even a tad uncomfortable to conciously make different choices. I appreciate your encouragement.



  3. I like the title. I drop balls. I get depressed. I lose momentum and motivation. I think it’s a common, if not universal, struggle. It sounds like you have some good friends, and great support for your blog and your recovery. I look forward to reading more.


    1. Suzi,
      While I don’t wish things like depression, loss of momentum and de-motivation on anyone, you are correct in that it’s almost a universal experience. I think I have created a lot of stories about others that are untrue because they seem better able to not get stuck in them as I so often have. Although, I am definitely learning that my perception of other people’s reality is much different than their experiences actually are. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It’s good to know others go through similar things and get through to the other side.



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