Solution Oriented

I seem to have a problem with consistently maintaining my blog and my writing.

Recently that is often due to technology glitches and low resources to finance repairs and such. Other times have been because I succumbed to symptoms of the depression or fibromyalgia, both diagnoses I have lived with for over 20 years.

Since there was almost a month of “downtime” on here during March and I am working to build this blog as my platform to dive into the world of free-lance writing, I really don’t want to allow another fallow period or dry spell between posts. This is especially true because, once again, I am participating in The Ultimate Blog Challenge and have committed to 30 posts in 30 days.

Yesterday’s post, Leave space, was done entirely with iPhone apps, as was this post. It took a lot of time, I had a migraine, and my hands were numb and tingling from it. So, while posting from my phone is possible, it’s less than ideal, and I don’t know that I can push through and sustain daily posting for an extended period.

As I was reading through the myriad of posts from my fellow UBC bloggers, one of them was offering advice on time management for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I don’t remember which blog it was on, or I would give the link. Anyway, one of the points was about delegation and the fact that everything doesn’t have to be done by one person.

I immediately dismissed this concept as non-applicable to my situation with my blog. I figured that anything to do with my blog should be my work and have my voice. I was thinking the content needs to be my original content if I’m using the blog as my writing portfolio and had this belief that only the writing I do has validity in that context.

Then my keyboard stopped working again and I was faced with the possibility of having another gap in posts. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated; stymied and forlorn. This could have been a major trigger and the beginnings of a downward spiral.

I absolutely did not want that. So, I got busy with the phone apps. I also contacted Marisa. She worked with me in February to do a post the last time I was this predicament. She’s going to do two posts this month, partially to make up for the fact we didn’t do our Monthly Manic Mondays with Marisa feature in March due to circumstances in both our lives.

That was when I realized I was delegating. Was it possible I could do more?

She and I are both members of Dream Stoker Nation. There is currently a closed group on Facebook where we share our dreams, progress, ups and downs. We offer encouragement and support to help each other along in our journey’s to realize and actualize our dreams.

There are others in this group who have blogs and are engaged in writing books, coaching, and helping others in areas of personal and professional growth. So I put out a “casting call.”

During this time that I am again without a keyboard to use, I would like to invite “guest bloggers” to write a few posts for my blog. Maybe one or two a week.

This would be an opportunity to have the guest blogger increase his or her exposure by a little bit. The stats indicate that I have a little over 300 followers who get a notification of some kind, whenever there is a new post published.

The focus of my blog is about growth, healing, and recovery. Topics include Twelve Steps, relationships, mental health, addiction or compulsive behaviors, and peace. The purpose is to show how people can effect change in their lives and positively impact others.

If anyone would be interested in collaborating with me in this and be featured on my blog, let me know, and we’ll work something out.

The response was fairly immediate and two fellow Dream Stokers responded. I connected with a third and will probably be doing a post, similar to the Author Interviews I’ve done previously.

Another Ultimate Blog Challenge blogger who “liked” the “Human In Recovery” Facebook fan page, notified me of her interest after I posted the same “casting call” on there. Someone I met in my first UBC in July of last year, who recently joined the Dream Stoker Nation, also responded to the FB page post.

I have created a new group for contributing writers and I to communicate with each other and network together. I added all of the above as well as others I have collaborated with previously.

What I have realized through all of this is that whether or not I think something offered is applicable or relevant to my life or circumstance, if I don’t reject it out of hand, there is usually something in it to benefit me. I just have to let go of expectation (and possibly unrealized prejudice) and remain open to the possibilities.

I also was reminded that sharing is caring. By this I mean, sharing my dreams, goals, setbacks, and successes with other people who are engaged and supportive helps everyone. I get the support and encouragement I need to get through the discouragement and disappointment. They get the same from me. We inspire each other. Knowing each other’s goals, dreams, challenges, and successes fertilizes and nurtures our creativity. It leverages our strengths, skills, and gifts.

Primarily, though, I finally understand that the solutions to things we see as problems can be found in the problems themselves. These problems are often the catalyst for growth and change.

Human In Recovery is growing and changing as I grow and change. I’m so excited.

If you might be interested in collaborating and guest posting here, leave a comment and we’ll connect.



  1. Hi Kina, here you are again organizing people, again. It reminds me of our days when you set up the wana group. I hope your group goes well and I am sure it will be a success. As you put your heart and soul into everything you do. I will have to bow out of this one, as I am as hubby told me I am doing so much for others that my book is being left at the wayside and I am afraid he is right.I will continue to do my weekly shout outs for bloggers and monthly book reviews but will finish my 2 books too. I am glad you are back blogging, I have missed you.


    1. Athena,
      Thank you. That is perfectly understandable. I invited you into the group in order to “keep you in the loop” and let you have an insiders view of what’s happening on my side of the world. There was no expectation or obligation. You have been a mentor to me since we met in WANA and I value your presence in my life.

      I’ve missed you as well.



  2. I’m glad to be involved. It’s such a wonderful way to connect with other bloggers and to keep things going on your own blog. A friend of of mine at Sadder But Wiser blog, she needed a week to herself. She was so surprised at how people rallied around her when she needed help with guest posts. I find it freeing to write on someone else’s blog. I’m then able to talk about different items and show different viewpoints. I can’t wait to go further with this venture.


  3. I have a VA who helps me … You can still have your voice on your blog and have help. I don’t think guest posting is your only option for sure! (I’d be happy to guest post though)…. You could find someone who would post your thoughts for you – record them or make an outline on notepad… then send it to your post person who will “polish” it for you – and post it for you. Entire books are often written this way – where a writer will write for 8 hours and put down everything they want in the book in no particular order even… just complete randomness and then hand it over to a polisher who will write the book for them – and the polisher is invisible – the writer is listed as the author, etc. So blogs can be done this way as well. Be creative with your solutions! The doors will open for you!


    1. MelAnn,
      Thanks for reading and sharing other ideas.

      One thing I realized as I have been setting this up today is that including the voices of others can be harmonious, unifying, and expanding, like a beautiful chorus.

      I could certainly benefit from the services of a VA, but am not in a position to hire one at this time, unless the person considers appreciation and a positive referral good payment.

      As for writing, I often think, write, and edit all at once as a stream of consciousness thing and the published post is often done in one “sitting” in the midst of a myriad of other things going on. Crafting my writing is fundamental to me and don’t think delegating my writing is something I would do easily or well. However, I could definitely see myself as a “polisher” and will have to look into that possibility.

      Thank you again for visiting and your comment.



  4. I love your post Kina, I love the openess and honesty and the evolution you go through here as you write. You started off feeling that delegation here was not for you and as your journey here progressed things changed so simply and so organically that delegation is exactly what happened. It’s beautiful and I thank you for your sharing. Just think what else may now be able to be delegated to help and benefit you and by delegating you are letting others help and use their skills.


    1. Heather,
      You got it exactly right! I have so many ideas and things bouncing around in my brain right now, it’s unbelievable.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.



  5. So remarkable! You are a role model in so many ways. I would be happy to contribute a blog post, but perhaps you are all filled up? It seems there are so many wonderful ways the Ultimate Blog Challenge is making our lives richer.

    Grateful I managed to post below you in the facebook group today!


    1. Julie,
      Thank you so much. I’m grateful you posted there as well.

      The UBC has been such a blessing in my life and in my writing. This is my fourth time through since last July and I always grow and benefit from the experience.

      I read your post and would be happy to include you as a contributing author. I’ll get in touch on FB.



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