Wave: Six Word Friday

Roaring, overwhelming, waves wash over me
Fear and doubt blind and deafen
Surrounding, engulfing; a wall of grey
Flailing, gasping, choking, I sink under
The heavy guilt of unmet expectation
The storm breaks. Light pierces darkness.
The waters are calm and still
Supported, held steady by unseen hands
Peace and hope flow through me
Drawing me ever closer to shore
I see the banner of love
Waving at me, beckoning me to
Come near, lay down, and rest
A wave of relief and comfort
Cocoons me, making me feel safe
No longer alone, I arrive home.

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  1. As I look around
    expecting you there
    I find myself staring
    into just the thin air
    I brace for the shock
    as a wave of despair
    crashes over my head
    leaves me gasping for air
    you’re not there…
    I know they aren’t 6-word lines… but it has the word wave in it…. That is from one of my original songs.


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