Athena Brady’s Febuary 2013 Book Review’s

You’ve met my friend, Athena Brady before, when I posted the Author Interview back in December 2012. She is a wise and beautiful spirit with a generous and giving heart. She pays forward her gifts and love by sharing what others have written in a weekly post that compiles favorite blogs she has read. She also pays it forward by reading and reviewing books for up and coming authors.

I have had the privilege of reading one of the books she reviews this month,

    “Sorrows Fall”

by Davonne Burns, and could not have offered a better review. You can read the first chapter here.

Rohan is the enthusiastic and insightful author of,

    “The 7 things That Made me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy: And How They Can Do The Same For You,”

and his Author Interview will be published as soon as I have a computer at home to work from again.

So, while I while away my time and twiddle my thumbs without my computer, please visit Athena’s blog and explore the reviews and treasures she is sharing with us all.

Athena Brady’s Febuary 2013 Book Review’s

This month I have a very varied mix of authors whose work I would like to share with you. I have romance self-help & spirituality with a generous smattering of sci-fi fantasy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my book hopping, from one book to the next.

I found that each of these books offered something different, interesting and thought provoking.

Giving Something Back 6

It is really week six? The weeks have flown by since I decided to do these weekly posts, where I honor my fellow bloggers out there. I find there is no shortage of talent, the problem is choosing what to use and what not to use. I have been really busy catching up with e mails and writing after my short break in Holland. I was particularly touched by my visit to Anne Frank’s house; you can read about that here

This week I have found you some fabulous blogs, which I know will touch you one way or another. I have my usual four and then a blogger for peace 2013.



  1. Thanks Kina for being so generous and kind by showcasing my blog while you are without a computer. Thank you for your lovely words of support, you are a good friend and my life is better for having you in it.


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