Chill: Six Word Friday

Luna caught a chill this week
Then her sniffles spread to me
New revelations made me feel weak
Jade demolished a couch with pee
Rent’s going up, reason to leave
LaLa needs mom, desire to stay
Too much stuff release the cleave
Ran out of ink application delay
This and more hurt my brain
Escaped 100 years to Downton Abbey
Avoided, delayed then succumbed to migraine
Need to chill, cease the crabby
Deep breath, relax, back to bed
I know I can’t, powerless admitted
Let go, let God easily said
Trust that God can, stay committed

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  1. Camino Del Remedio/the Road to Recovery. It’s a path we all walk, but you, my dear friend, walk it bravely. You said it yourself, “Let Go, Let God.” {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    1. Brandi,
      Thank you for that. Luna is much better! She got sick a week ago and is down to that cough & runny nose that always seem to hang on forever, as well as the lingering tiredness. I didn’t get too sick, it was just sinus congestion and extra fatigue.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting, reading, and leaving your comment, all of it is appreciated.



    1. Patti,
      Thank you, Luna is quite a bit better after the first seven days – remnant cough, runny nose, and tires easier than usual. I just got the sinus congestion and extra fatigue.

      Glad you popped in for a visit, it was much appreciated.



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