I definitely need to remember this to do list everyday regardless of anything else going on. Thank you Melody of logic and imagination!

Logic & Imagination


Living with depression, while functioning as an adult, leads to many hard days.  I thought why not offer the top things I do to stay mobile – that is, able to move freely or easily even while depressed, if only for a few hours each day in the middle of this illness.

  1. Get out of bed every day, no matter what.
  2. Eat healthy food.  Eat three meals a day, even if they are small.  Avoid too much carbohydrates and white sugar products. No that coffee and pastry are not the answer and they are not food that will heal you.
  3. Get dressed for the day, in “work” clothes, no matter what you feel like.  Fake it till you feel it has been my motto for months.  Fewer people ask you how you’re doing, assuming if you look good that you’re okay.  And frankly, this is important and leads…

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