Handle: Six Word Fridays


The flame burned out this week

The light dimmed on my candle

Hormonal stress made me feel weak

It became too much to handle

When technology failed, work was lost

Frustration at defeated intention, momentum thwarted

Thoughts, energy, time the inherent cost

To excitation of plans, contacts courted

Next attempt to prime the pump

A wash of color, start writing

A complete and total brain dump

Interrupted, disrupted by loved ones inciting

Conflicted emotions roused to my chagrin

Triggered psychic retreat to inner abyss

Floating in self-recrimination, adrift herein

Reignite, return to seek my bliss



    1. Adrienne,
      Hormones are the devil.

      To be perfectly honest, seeing your prompt, I was almost ready to keep riding the wave of blah and not participate. But then, I decided that I HAD to figure this out and get going again. Thank you for continuing to host Six Word Fridays. There have been a couple of times that was the only thing that kept me writing and moving forward.



  1. “brain dump” needed here… but alas, the interruptions are many. How much can you get down to preserve at a stop sign, a red light, a restroom break?


    1. Rachelle,
      Sometimes, I have used the voice memo function on my phone to verbalize/rant/vent, it might be worth a shot in those moments when writing is not an option. I also use the notes function. I have been known to take an extended restroom break with my phone hidden, so that I can get some of it out of my head.

      Good luck. Thanks for reading and commenting.



  2. You really have a way with words–you made what seems like a frustrating experience sound rather beautiful!


  3. All of that (and it was a lot) and yet you find a handle. I so look forward to 6-word Fridays! And on the 7th word? She rested. Breathe. The aroma is bliss. Dan


    1. Dan,
      Aww thank you. I almost let the inertia reign and skipped grabbing the handle. Glad I didn’t. Thanks for the encouragement, as always. How do you know I forget to breathe?



      1. You’re welcome. I’m glad you held on. You are one gutsy hombre-ette. As for the breathing part? Some secrets are best kept secret (ha!). Onward and upward. and exhale. ;-D


        1. Thanks for sharing what you see, you have no idea how much it helps when floating in the abyss. Breathing in and exhaling out. One foot in front of the other. See you on the trail brother.


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