My first recipe

I did something proactively healthy and nutritious for myself the other day. I made a smoothie. Without thinking about it and without feeling like I needed to follow someone else’s recipe or ingredient list. All these years of half-heartedly dieting and trying to figure out the right nutrition and it seems it is finally clicking into place. I even already had all of the ingredients in the kitchen!

That has happened before, but usually the yogurt will go bad or the bananas will get eaten or I won’t have the liquid base, or, or, or.

This time, BOOM, I just did it! It may seem kind of silly to be this excited and ecstatic over something this simple and easy, but it is very difficult for me to actually remember to eat breakfast, much less take the time and make the effort to do something nutritionally sound and healthy. The self-care portion of my life is quite lacking.

Baby steps. I made a yummy, satisfying, fruit and yogurt smoothie that lasted a couple of days because I wound up sharing it with my daughters.

I decided I wanted some record of the nutritional values in the whole thing and found a recipe calculator on My Fitness Pal. There wasn’t a way to save the recipe without signing up for a free account. Then I discovered that there wasn’t a way to print or have the recipe open in a nicely formatted document or image. Oh well, can’t have it all, I guess. I’m sure there are other options out there, but I just didn’t want to spend more time searching for a calculator than writing this out, so, here we are. I plugged the information in, got the numbers I wanted and just took a pic of the computer screen. Whatever works, right?

Bolthouse Fruit and Yogurt smoothie


1 Medium Banana

1 c Frozen Blueberries, Dole

1 c Frozen Mixed Fruit, Dole, Strawberrie/Pineapple/Mango/Peach

8 oz Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Soy Protein Tea

1 – 6 oz container Yoplait Simplait Yogurt, Strawberry

1/3 c (6 tbs) Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Mix powder


Combine all ingredients into blender. Blend until smooth

Yeild: 4 – 8 oz servings

Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Bolthouse Farms – Perfectly Protein – Vanilla Chai Tea W/ Soy Protein, 8 fl. oz 170 27 4 9 Ico_delete
Dole – Blueberries, Frozen, Unsweetened, Dole, 1 cup (140g) 80 17 1 1 Ico_delete
Dole Wildly Nutritious Signature Blend Frozen Mixed Fruit – Frozen Mixed Fruit, Strawberries,Pineapple,Peaches,Mango, 1 Cup 93 23 0 1 Ico_delete
Bananas – Raw, 1 medium (7″ to 7-7/8″ long) 105 27 0 1 Ico_delete
Yoplait – Yogurt – Simplait – Strawberry 6 oz (170g), 1 Container 6 oz 200 28 7 7 Ico_delete
Danone – Activia Yogurt Blueberry, 1 container (100g) 100 14 3 4 Ico_delete
Ovaltine Rich Chocolate – Chocolate Milk Mix, 4 Tbsp 80 10 0 0 Ico_delete
Ovaltine – Rich Chocolate Milk, 2 Tbsp 40 10 0 0 Ico_delete
Total: 868 156 15 23
Per Serving: 217 39 4 6


What are your favorite ingredients to use for a smoothie?



    1. Sara,
      Raw honey, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar with the mother in it . . . I’ve heard they are all gifts of God for health.

      It was yummy. Substituting plain Greek-strained yogurt and using raw honey sounds like the best alteration to the recipe.



    1. Tami,
      So sorry to “blow you off” by not responding. You are one of my nearest and dearest. I’m glad you liked the recipe, it is yummy, but I will be doing some modifications.

      Love you much!



  1. Wonderful, Kina!! Chalky is probably the protein powder, but that is pretty important to leave in, though some are better that way (can’t remember which). I really like the idea of a smoothie/chip dip! Now that is versatile!


    1. Dianne,
      Glad you liked it. This time I had not added anything other than the Ovaltine. I think it may actually have been the texture of the frozen, blended mango/peaches. It definitely needs more protein.

      I think I used carrot juice as the liquid base and added fresh tomato and fresh steamed spinach, plain Greek style yogurt, and a chipotle mini boullion cube.

      Nice to see you! Glad you stopped by. In hope thing are wel in your world.


    1. Mary,
      I’m so sorry, I thought I had replied to this. It’s been a blah, funky week for me and I fell behind.

      I think the key to using the Ovaltine is to maybe mix everything else in a blender, then stir it in for each serving just before serving. It seems to affect the texture as it “sits.”

      Be well,


  2. I like the baby steps, and I like the sound of the smoothie too!
    I’ve never made on in my life as far as I can remember – I may welll use your post as a nudge to just get stuck in and do one! (mind you I will have to go and buy some stuff!)


    1. TGG,
      If you like sweet, this is good. The modifications I would make include reducing the sweet factor by using plain or honey/vanilla Greek-Style yogurt. That would boost the protein content a bit. You can also add your own protein powder to boost the protein.

      Good luck!


    1. Audrey,
      You’re welcome. It was kind of on the sweet side. My oldest daughter liked the flavor, but found the texture a bit chalky, from what I don’t know. If I make it again using the Bolthouse Farms chai tea, I think I’ll use plain, Greek style yogurt to cut the sweetness a little.

      Thanks for visiting & commenting.



    1. Vanessa,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      To be perfectly honest, it was almost too sweet. I think that maybe next time I might try plain, Greek style yogurt. The sweetness of the Bolthouse Farms Chai Tea and the natural sweetness if the banana and other fruit should be enough without the extra sweetness added into the yogurt. It should boost the protein and reduce the carbs.

      Thanks for visiting.



    1. Diana,
      I am discovering that many people have stopped making them. It really surprises me. I would rather drink a smoothie than cook or eat cereal.

      A friend got me a Magic Bullet set a couple of years ago and I even experimented and made a warm, savory smoothie that tasted yummy. It actually came out a bit thicker than I expected and was a good veggie & chip dip.

      Nice to see you and your comment. It’s always nice to have you visit.



  3. Wow, that sounds delicious! It’s been forever since I made a smoothie, I don’t even have a blender these days but I’ll keep your recipe in mind the next time I have access to one haha 🙂

    When I was a teenager, although not particularly healthy, or even really a smoothie for that matter, I used to pour some milk into a pint glass, a chunk of vanilla ice cream, some caramel syrup and some Milo (Australian chocolate drink mix) and blend it up. Just amazing haha!

    Mmm, now I want a smoothies >.<



    1. Rohan,
      Smoothies are good, go get a blender!

      Thanks for dropping by and chatting. The mixture you described sounds delicious, if a bit rich & decadent.

      I sent you an email enquiring if you would be interested in doing an Author Interview with me to feature here. Let me know what you think.



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