Knit: Six Word Friday

Brow knit, furrowed in extreme consternation
Synapses firing, brain engaged in contemplation
Nothing comes up. I need inspiration.
A plea to the digital nation
An offer to exchange credit, citation
Get knit pics displayed in publication.
Share practical art, inspire domestic creation
First response received, gains much appreciation


Creations by Mental Mama at Mental in the Midwest

Thank you Mental Mama!

20130118-060325.jpg Visit Adrienne at My Memory Art for more Six Word Friday fun



    1. Brandi,
      That’s wonderful. So glad you feel inspired. My understanding is that knitters are like newlyweds, they love it so much they think everyone should do it! So, if you don’t already know any knitters, I would suggest start with the local fabric and yarn shop.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.



    1. Glenda,
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I love how creative and beautiful these hand-crafted things are. I’m afraid my artistic ability is limited to writing and putting photos together with an iPhone app, lol. I love seeing the art of others though.



    1. Kathy,
      I have heard this is so. I found when I initially attempted it in my impatient youth that it was a stress inducer for me, lol. Now that I’m older, when I would have more patience and desire to create and learn, my manual dexterity is challenged with severe numbing and tingling in hands and arms. Plus, the initial investment in obtaining the tools is beyond my currently available resources. I enjoy hearing and reading about the creations of others.


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