Governed, Owned, or Free?

Despite the fact the US elections were over two months ago, there is still an over abundance of politicking going on. Mostly around guns, the constitutional right of US citizens to bear arms, and the role/responsibility of government in regulating/legislating the manufacture, use, and ownership of guns by private citizens.

There are a lot of memes floating around decrying the wisdom of us citizens in supporting the current administration in it’s purported efforts to disarm us and remove our inherent rights as legal, law-abiding citizens of the USA. One of the most emotionally and psychologically powerful is the one of Hitler with him being quoted as stating:

To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.

I am not a fan of guns, but I put them in the same category as dog breeds historically trained to guard and protect, which are discriminated against and vilified because humans with ill intent abused and misused their right to own animals and others got hurt or dead.

Guns are mechanical objects and tools with deadly potential and serious intent. There is no doubt that the purpose of a bullet is to cause injury or death. I can not imagine ever being capable of pointing a gun at another living being and making the choice to send a bullet into a body. However, I also can’t imagine ever making the personal choice to have an abortion, whatever the reason.

Yet, in neither case do I criticize, judge, or condemn anyone else who chooses to exercise their legal right to own and operate a gun or to have an abortion. Each individual has the will and the right to exercise that will according to his or her own conscience.

In order to be convicted of homicide, whether it is by gun or some other method, the intent has to be established. Motive is also a factor in identifying intent. If motive and intent are not proven, then the charge goes from homicide to manslaughter.

Other names and classifications exist for killing another human being. However, none of them have anything to do with the death inducing tool. Each and every one has to do with the relationship between killed and killer, as well as the motivation behind the killing.

My point is this, we can call for regulation, control, and all the legislation we want. We can choose the opposing side and resist government interference and fight for deregulation. We can demand teachers learn to use firearms or sanction gun free zones. None of it will make a difference as long as intent and motivation, the hearts and minds of the people wielding the guns are damaged and distorted. It is all a matter of conscience.

I hate to say it, but a tragedy for 28 families and their community is the newest smokescreen and distraction being used to keep us from paying attention to what we need to really be facing: our inner selves, our motivations, and our intentions.


We need to pay attention to who and what we are trusting to “save” us and look after our best interest. How has our collective conscience been shaped, shifted, and guided by those we opted to let do our thinking for us? Media, advertisers, politicians, pundits, and people behind the pulpits all play a part in shaping our collective psyche.

Are we governing our own hearts and minds by actively seeking truth, knowledge and understanding? Or do we let others do our thinking for us and allow ourselves be guided by the most passionate voice that fires up our emotion?

People don’t like listening to prophets because they tend to speak uncomfortable truths with uncomfortable calls to action. Sometimes they lost their heads for it. I believe it’s possible they got together at some point and had a meeting of the minds and changed their job description and title from prophet to jester and later to comedian and humorist. I think George Carlin and Douglas Adams could have fit the bill as modern day prophets.



  1. Hi Kina – checked out that blog site – seemed to be more about money than forgiveness, but the point seems sound even there – it releases something. But you gave me more to think about, in your comment above, I must say. It is not always so simple….and should not be done for that reason either, not really. Thanks


    1. The site is a personal business site. I was referencing the specific post that offered a concrete method of practicing forgiveness and the practical reasons for doing so. Even mundane, business, and money oriented sites have nuggets of wisdom to offer for universal truths.

      The act of forgiveness is never as simple as the words make it seem. It is a practice and an action – those things are difficult in times of emotional and psychological pain and disturbance.

      In Recovery speak there is a practice called, acting “as if.” It goes back to the concept I referred to earlier about motion driving emotion. I can feel fake and forced, inauthentic even, however, it is also a powerful tool of transformation of thought and manifesting change.

      The process she describes in her post is a simple and straightforward method of implementing the act of forgiveness and initiating action, regardless of initial reason for doing it.

      Forgiveness is more about freeing oneself from the ties that bind and gag us, holding ourselves hostage to people, events, and circumstances that have passed and over which we have zero control, but are still controlling us.


      1. Yes that is how I read it too – and I think it is right as well. Thank you for going to this trouble…:)


    1. Mary,
      Woohoo! She likes me, she really likes me! Thanks for the reminder 😉 I think you’re pretty spiffy too. One of these days, sooner rather than later, I’m gonna light up your little orange dot as well, I just haven’t had the time, opportunity, and right frame of mind to go through and enjoy the jukebox lately. 😦

      Be well,


      1. I hear you. My blog is purposely kind of trivial, even though I often end up delving into Big Ideas. And it takes energy and the right frame of mind to deal with stuff that isn’t important. You”ll have fun when you get the chance, but no worries until then. I know where you (electronically) live, so I’ll keep visiting you until you kick me out.


        1. I love your blog and am planning to pass along a couple of awards, once I actually have a functional computer again. Stupid electronic malfunctions. Thank goodness and Steve Jobs for my iPhone, or my blog would have died when the keyboard did.


  2. Great post. Our society’s problems are too complex to be neatly put into soundbites for the masses to digest. It’s either this or that, yes or no, Coke or Pepsi, Republican or Democrat….
    BTW–LOVE Douglas Adams. He’s a lot more logical than all the Politicans combined. 😉


    1. Strawberryindigo,
      Thank you.
      • Maybe, it depends. Can you provide specifics?
      • Ginger Ale, Thai tea, sometimes water, even
      • Non-affiliated, is there a difference?

      His presence is missed but his wit lives on.



  3. Thanks for sharing this, Kina. Looks like I may have to pick up that Douglas Adams book which is laying around the house here somewhere… some very good points. I think that our country is born from one underlying principle and that is freedom. Love the George Carlin quotes too.


    1. Amy,
      For some reason Akismet relegated your comment to the spam folder, along with a few others. Glad I decided to review it.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Much of Douglas’ writing is obscurely absurd, like his cohorts and contemporaries from Monty Python. British humour and comedy is this brilliant combination of intellect & ridiculousness.

      Carlin was a bit more abrasive and sharp. Biting, even.

      I enjoyed their work and am sad they are gone.

      Be well,


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