New: Six Word Friday

New life, new love, new future

May Divine Love mature new love
Filling your lives, hearts and minds
With compassion, joy, forgiveness and acceptance
Teaching and growing patience and kindness
I pray the embers of your
Love burn bright and live forever

Written and dedicated to my son and his bride for their wedding on Saturday, January 5, 2013.


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    1. Ms. Purple,
      I am truly sorry I somehow overlooked your comment.

      I love that: “May your love for each other always exceed your need for each other.” Do I have permission to use that phrase? I would be more than happy to link to your blog and give you credit for it, but it is inspirational to me.

      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.



    1. Maggie,
      Thank you! You’re very sweet. I’ve thought of redecorating, but love these colors too much and always revert back.

      Going to the woods and they’re gonna get maaaaried! Yep, woods in the winter – I hear there’s a building but no cell signal, lol.



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