Unveiling a new badge: Tracy Shave

Back in July 2012 I was inspired to create the Courageous Confessional Blog Award. I awarded a few blogs with it and had some other blogs get nominated by others. Then I got busy and consumed with the things happening in my life and the site lay overlooked and inactive. I had hoped that recipients would be inspired to pass it along but did not make it a condition of receiving the award, since this is an acknowledgement and expression of gratitude and appreciation for those who take the time and do the difficult task of publicly sharing the most private of details, thought, and experiences in an effort to grow, heal, and recover themselves as well as an effort to increase awareness, understanding, and promote the healing and recovery of others.

Tracy Shave gave me the gift of her artwork in creating a new badge and also exemplifies everything the award represents.

Courageous Confessionals


Tracy Shave, the powerhouse behind Giggle Together and author of the blog, Traciness – In all it’s glory, recently contacted me on my Facebook page and informed me she had accepted my challenge and created this wonderful badge.


I think it is beautiful, cute, and creative. It perfectly embodies the beauty that rises from the ashes of destruction and the strength that comes from moving through painful and challenging things in our lives.

I think it only fitting that Tracy herself be the first recipient of this new badge as a recipient of the Courageous Confessional Blog Award. In her own words:

I am Tracy Shave. “Traciness” is a term that has been used in different organisations as they hand work for me to do. It is a technical term commonly used to express a need for something to be brighter, more creative and “in…

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