Promise: Six Word Friday


I took this photo with my iPhone while standing on a commuter train about a week and a half ago. The weather here hasn’t been as cold and wet as it should be this time of year. This is kind of good for me, personally, but ecologically I’m pretty sure it isn’t good.

The whole day went back and forth between cloudy and sunny. The air was moist and had a chill bite to it that became sharper as the day went on.

I saw the contrast of brilliant sunlight fighting its way out from behind the dark clouds a short while before sunset and just felt the need to try to capture the wonder and beauty of the sky in that moment.


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  1. I love to do the same, I carry a camera when I walk, take pictures of fantastic sunrises then add lyrics to them, like the one at the top of my blog. I have lots of pictures, should post some more.
    Keep sharing,


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