Wherein a Canadian Clown and his Ringmistress cause a commotion in Portlandia

Yesterday was Luna’s 4th Birthday, and I will tell you all about that later, perhaps. Eh, who am I kidding? You all know a detailed post is pending, right? Of course you do!

It was a good day. Best. Birthday. Ever. Luna’s words, not mine. It kind of was for me too. Seriously folks, most of the day it was the best I’ve ever felt during any birthday I can recall.

Until Jerry dropped a confessional bomb I may never be able to write about here.

Wait. What? Me not over share and offer too much information? In the words of the eternally yummy Joey Lawrence, “WHOAH!”

Yep, that’s all you get – other than the fact I was not experiencing the emotional cataclysm that is expected in the aftermath of such a revelation. I haven’t decided yet if it was me automatically slipping into crisis management, rationalize the pain away mode or if all the work I’ve been doing in this space for the past six months has actually taken deeper root than I believed or realized.

Mostly, I was not quite numb but still very much present.

In addition to it having been Luna’s birthday, I had met with the therapist and had two virtual encounters with friends needing significant emotional love, encouragement and support, supporting another one in the passing of a loved one and finding out a man I admire and respect who was kind of like a surrogate dad to me has been in the hospital with heart problems. Oh, and Insomnia has been riding me hard for the past few weeks, erm, lifetime.

So, maybe I was just running on empty. Maybe I still am.

Instead of shutting down, I began scrolling through stream of faceless images and depressing detritus in my News Stream on the Book of Faces and noticed my Canadian Soul Sistah, aka The Ringmistress to the www-infamous Le Clown, had been tagged in a cheery looking photo of a fireplace.

“Eh?” (This time channeling Home Improvement‘s inept not-so-handy man) I was compelled to investigate. 20121207-044205.jpg

Suddenly, the impending, encroaching migraine began to ease back.

I sent a private message to Jen and Tonic requesting permission to swipe her photo and blog about it.

Thus began a beautifully twisted acquaintanceship. She observed we’re both residents of Portlandia and marveled at how it took a Canadian Clown and his Ringmistress to connect two people living in the same city.

I will be pitching Le Clown on starting up a virtual friendship connection site: EpicDisharmony.com, converting virtual stalkerships into real world friendships for the mind warped.







And that, as they say is that!




    1. Jen,
      You are my new BFFIPAFFN (best friend forever in Portland forever and forever for now) because there is no randomness to the universe only the Golden Ratio of apparently random perfection.



    1. Sara,
      I just gave Le Clown the credit to keep his ego soothed, but if you hadn’t broken etiquette and discovered my true identity on Facebook, Jen and I may never have been introduced. Thanks for the lack of etiquette. You. Are. Awesome.

      Be well,


  1. Kina,
    I’ll ask The Ringmistress to read this, and she will explain it to me in Layman’s terms. Sorry, my ADHD brain today doesn’t grasp everything… But sounds good?
    Le Clown


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