Vintage: Six Word Friday

1969 – a remarkably unrefined vintage year
Social, Political, Musical, Civil, Religious unrest
At national levels – on international scale
Ireland, Spain, Czechoslovakia, the Middle East
The Cold War, a Space Race
Woodstock rocks out, Elvis comes back
Suspicious Minds are In The Ghetto
Conceived and borne in confused rage
Too young to be Baby Boomers
Too soon to be Gen ‘X’ers
First legal unborn, therefore not dead
The Zodiac Killer, Manson Family Murders
Crude Oil Spills in Southern California
Terrorist Bombs Stock Exchange Montreal, Quebec
Mariner 6 Probe Launched to Mars
Golda Meier – Israel’s female Prime Minister
Occupiers in Berkley seize “People’s Park”
Democratic Society students take over Harvard
First Artificial Heart, Dr. Denton Cooley
Bobby Kennedy assassinated; HIV’s first casualty
US troops still leaving Viet Nam
We leave footprints on the moon
Hurricane Camille, category 5, hits Mississippi
ATM debuts, Rockville Centre, New York
Scooby, Scooby Doo, Where Are You!
Forty three years I have lived
Everything changes and cycles around again

To find more on Six Word Fridays, please visit Adrienne at My Memory Art


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