Sound: Six Word Friday

Sound of mind, sound of body

Neither represent the truth of me

Sound of spirit, sound of heart

Both represent the truth of me

Sound of love, sound of laughter

These turn my words into art


Visit Adrienne of My Memory Art to read more on Six Word Fridays


I am feeling a tad sad and frustrated because I took the cutest voice memo recording of Luna’s laughter and our interaction during a brief a.m. tickling section and haven’t been able to get it off of my phone and loaded as an audio file. I’m technologically impaired that way. 😦



  1. I’ve come to look forward to six word fridays. Ditto that on technology. I bear the badge of being RI (remote impaired) when it comes to running the television much less audio files. I feel your frustration. Will continue to read you every chance I get. How’s dem apples? Dan


    1. Dan,
      Crunchy & good, sweet & juicy, and good for keeping the doctor at bay for another day.

      Glad you enjoy Six Word Fridays. Ironically, I come close to forgetting to do one almost every week. Now I have another incentive to remember.

      I used to be techno-savvy. I’m not quite sure exactly when my interest and excitement at acquiring new nerd skills and gadget manipulation transitioned from pleasure to pain. I guess that means I’ve jumped the hurdle from youthful anticipation into middle aged resistance. Whatever, I’ll figure it out, or not. It’s all good either way.



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