One Flew Over the Batcave

One Flew Over the Batcave.

This is the brilliance that shines from the circus of the combined psyches of Le Clown and his Ringmistress.

Perhaps we love our superheroes because they represent contained madness, a madness we can all identify with to some degree, but mastered and used for good. Likewise, do we fear the supervillains because they encapsulate a complete loss of control? A psychological land of no return? A place where we all hope never to go, but wonder, if under the right (or wrong) circumstances, we see ourselves going?




  1. This is an amazing and lovely post. I have always thought that we love the superheroes we do because they mirror aspects of our character that may remain hidden to the physical world, but to the inner eye are more alive and beautiful than we could possibly imagine.


  2. I love the title. We like our superheroes for different reasons. Batman, for the darkness he represents, though most of the time, he never falls into the abyss (and when he does, he rises out of it again), and Superman because he’s the boy scout to just overpowers every problem in his way and lives happily ever after.

    Real life happens somewhere inbetween.


    1. James,
      You are so right. The authors of the post are a husband and wife team who are battling multiple mental health and real life issues in their lives. This post is part of the Bloggers for Movember activity to illuminate and raise awareness and funds regarding male mental health issues and prostate cancer.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.



  3. Kina,
    Thank you for sharing this one. We had a great deal of fun writing it, and there’s also a great deal of thoughts that went behind it too…
    Le Clown


    1. Le Clown,
      I much prefer this over the diagnosing of Winnie The Pooh characters. I had fun reading it and could tell that a fun time was had by you guys.

      I almost feel like a sycophant, but I am genuinely inspired and appreciative of you guys, your blogs, and how you approach and navigate life’s land mines with snarkily, sincere, levity.

      Carry on.



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