Gratitude Day 16

I can’t seem to remember to combine my gratitude entry with my Six Word Friday entry. Since I already did a reblog post today as well, I will try to be brief.

Today I am grateful for two things: technology and people.

As stymied and frustrated as I am by how new gadgets are developed, manufactured and marketed at a pace that even the Jones family cannot keep up with, I have developed a dependence on and benefited greatly from technology.

Technology is what is enabling me to compose these very words in the darkness of my bedroom as my child sleeps beside me. It is the conduit through which I have worked and progressed on my journey of healing and recovery this year. Probably the most important role technology is playing in my life is the way it is allowing me to connect and reconnect to people.

People are by far the “thing” which I am most grateful for. Obviously, I am grateful for my family. However, for this day of gratitude, I am grateful for the people in my life, both near and far, who I am able to interact with only because of technology.

Because of the internet, computers, social media, and the people who thought of and developed the concepts, hardware, and software I have connected with long lost relatives, classmates, and friends. I am able to see what tickles their fancy, trips their minds, and share in their triumphs and sorrows. I get to partake of the sips and nibbles they share of their lives. I am regaled by their snippets and slice of life stories and inspired by their creativity and craftiness. They teach me how to cook, craft, and clean,or link me to the instructions, the doing is up to me.

Due to the gifts of technology I have expanded my horizons and realized that people all over the world have something worth hearing and find what I have to say worth listening to.


Thanks to technology and the people with whom it connects me,I now believe that I am not alone.



    1. Mary,
      You are so right. That song has always been kind of at a low level hum in my life since childhood, as I may or may not have mentioned when you posted it on your site. I know that as I have experienced the acceptance, encouragement, support, and wisdom of this and other online communities I have been able to reinsert myself into local community interactions.

      Be well,


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