ONE WORD: VOTE by dan4kent


I’m fairly apolitical and have serious doubts about the political process in the USA. However, like so many things we whine and moan about in our distracted, narcissistic, first-world problems way, the privilege to vote at all was hard won by ancestors willing to die for me to exercise it as a right. Today, there are Americans fighting for those in other countries to have this right we tend to under appreciate and take for granted.

Yes, I would prefer to have people and issues to vote for rather than against, but since I have the opportunity to vote at all it isn’t just an obligation or duty to do so, it is a gift and an honor.

So, if I found a way to get my vote in, you can to.



    1. You’re welcome Dan. Your photo mural was awesome and fantabulous.

      I’m not sure, but if I were to review my posts, I suspect that you are probably the one other person whose words have impacted and influenced me most in the past six months or so. Like your brain cells are being grafted to mine or something. Thanks for sharing, I needed a transplant.

      Be well,


      1. I almost never watch TV and only listen to the radio while driving to and from work. I know there will be lamenting from one side or the other, but I’ll try to ignore it (unless I’m the one lamenting). I’m not into organized sports, so the Super Bowl means nothing to me (I know that makes me practically “unmale”). I’m just starting to read a history of Judaism from the Macabees to the dawn of the Talmudic age, and I’m reading the graphic novel “V for Vendetta” for the social commentary. That, plus the three or four Bible studies I go through daily keep me busy.

        Oh yeah…and I write daily blog. 😉


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