Restless Rain

Patter, plop, pitter, splash
The rain steadily streaming outside the window
Hum, thrum, swish, dash
The early morning traffic, wet tires on the road
My mind and heart restless, not quiet
Yet numb from insomnia induced inertia
Tingling limbs, heavy with the pain from limited circulation
Gritty, sand-filled eyes blinking against the dryness
Drifting with an apathetic listless sense of purposelessness
A slightly more than vague dissatisfaction of life and self
Fades into a quiet sense of hope, peace, and love
With the soft, steady breaths that escape your little form
Laid up against my breast, in the crook of my arm
The pure smell of your innocence wafting from your hair
Tickling my nose, as you rest, trustingly, at my side
I am blessed
Drip, swoosh, plip, splatter drops the rain outside



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