Instant: Six Word Friday

Can one truly be instantly gratified
Or merely deceived and momentarily pacified
The soul’s deeply empty, unsatisfied yearning
Continually, spasmodically, chaotically, frantically, spinning and churning
Grasping for significance, love, and hope
Placed on idols dangling from rope
Both ends burnt, frayed and unraveling
Disintegrating along this road we’re traveling
To move ourselves away and distant
Envisioned dreams tossed in an instant

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  1. So true. I find if I have to put some effort in it, I appreciate it so much more. I am a spin class addict! When I enter that dark room I ask my self “What am I doing here again?” but when my heart starts pumping and I get this 44 year old body to sprint, conquer high resistence etc etc etc It motivates me to “Bring on the day” 🙂


    1. Diana,
      This is quite true. The sad fact is that when happiness is based on gratification instead of gratitude and appreciation, happiness and satisfaction dissipate almost the instant they are achieved.

      Be well,


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